OpTools 0.4

Physical Minecraft tools that provide common admin functions

  1. Ostrichofevil
    OpTools makes it easy for admins and moderators to go about their business using fun, simple-to-use tools such as the Ban Hammer and Kick Boots. No longer will you have to enter a long command; now you can just use your trusty KillSword!

    OpTools is a very new plugin, so it is still in early beta. Many more items and features will be added in the future. If you have any suggestions or issues, please comment. Source code can be found here.

    To get items, type /ot get. Pick your chosen items from the shown menu.

    Ban Hammer - Just what it sounds like; hit annoying players to ban them.

    Kick Boots - A less severe alternative to the ban hammer. Hit players with these metal boots to "boot" them off your server. NOTE: The Ban Hammer and Kick Boots do not work on players in Creative mode. This will be fixed in the future.

    KillSword - This powerful sword will instantly kill any mobs or players that it strikes.

    FairyDust - This mystical powder gives all who hold it the ability to fly. Make sure it is in you held item slot at all times when in the air, or you will meet a quick and gruesome end.

    Detonator - The ultra-powerful Detonator will violently explode when left or right clicked with, flinging all players off your server at light speed.

    /ot, /ot version - Check the version of OpTools
    /ot get - Open up the OpTools menu

    optools.* - Give all OpTools permissions
    optools.version - get the version of OpTools
    optools.get - open the OpTools menu
    optools.tools.* - Use all OpTools
    optools.tools.banhammer - Use the ban hammer
    optools.tools.killsword - Guess.
    optools.tools.fairydust - Ditto.
    optools.tools.detonator - Same
    optools.tools.kickboots - I wonder what?

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