Ore Market | Stock Market for Ores in Minecraft 2.2.4

Realistic stock market for Ores!

  1. Market Crash and Stats

    This update brings a new event called Market Crash. Every few hours (configurable) the market will drop by a significant amount (also configurable).

    Also new is extra stats have been added to the bStats page. This includes Total ore values and Total ores in the GUIs (across every single server using OreMarket). You can also view your individual stats with /om-stats.

    A few other small changes have been made such as commands now require permissions and there is a now an update checker to keep you up to date. I doubt anyone but developers care about this, but the placeholders are now controlled in one place so they can easily be edited and more can be added.

    In the GUI you can now add items that aren't meant to be sold like a close button or a balance checker. Commands in items will be coming out in the next update.

    The new commands, permissions and placeholders will be added to the GitHub page shortly also included will be upgrade instructions.

    Hope you enjoy this update,

    - OJ
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