Ore Market | Stock Market for Ores in Minecraft 2.2.5

Realistic stock market for Ores!

  1. Placeholders and heads!

    This update brings player heads and Placeholder API support!

    Code (Text):
    %oremarket_value_<item-slot>% - Current ore value
    %oremarket_name_<item-slot>% - Ore name
    %oremarket_stock_<item-slot>% - Ore Stock
    %oremarket_cost_<item-slot>% - Ore original cost
    %oremarket_change_<item-slot>% - Value-Cost
    %oremarket_percent_<item-slot>% - Change in percent
    Code (Text):
    Change "valueupdates" to "valuemessage"
    Download Placeholder API (No download command for Ore Market)
    Code (Text):
    - Copy Item Meta [WIP]
    - Buy only
    - Sell only
    - Filler items
    - Close items
    - Info items
    - Player heads

    Instructions on new GUI types here.

    Enjoy :)
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