Ore N Soar 1.1

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  1. mwaning
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Ore N Soar
    A simple flying plugin which I felt was still missing.
    It lets players fly for a chosen amount of minutes, but for a price.
    You can configure the currencies and prices you want to use.

    - Lets you fly for an amount of minutes that you can specify yourself, for a currency and price that you can configure yourself!
    - Disables flight mode after the time is up, but gives you a warning 10 seconds beforehand.
    - Fall damage reduction when you have boots equipped (temporary solution)
    - Possibility to buy flight time for another player on the server.

    /ons <currency> <minutes> <player name (optional)>
    List of currencies and prices


    To Do List:
    - Display a flight timer in game.
    - Only let the timer count down when the player is actually in the air.
    - Make it so that additional flight time bought while already in flight mode won't be ignored but instead gets added to the timer.

Recent Updates

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  3. Update - Buy for someone else / Fall damage reduction