Ore Regeneration and Mines 1.7.4

Mines and regenerating ore nodes

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    This plugin mainly does two things:
    You can make mines/regions and ore nodes

    How to do the regions
    To find out how regions and some of the other commands work, check out these videos!

    Dynamic Region tutorial!

    Regular Region tutorial!

    You may be wondering, how do I configure the ore generators? Well this Action happens in the drops.yml

    Code (YAML):
       - DIAMOND
        - SAND
        - POTATO
    : 30
    For ore generators, by default if you don't mess with the drops.yml will drop their respective block. But if you want to customize block drops or the replenish time this is where you go. Underneath the blocks: section, you can put as many Materials as you want just make sure to follow the format. If you want to customize drops, you'd put drops: under the respective material and then list the name of the materials you want to drop as shown above. (Note: putting multiple drops means a random one will be selected when the block is mined). replenishTime: works exactly the same as the one in locations.yml.

    Possible Questions:
    How do I remove a generator?
    Well if you're the one who placed the generator, then you're in luck! Just right click the generator block and then click on the item named yes. This will drop the generator and remove it from the world. If you aren't the one who placed it, you arent out of luck as long as you are a staff member or have permissions which will be listed below.

    Will blocks that haven't regenerated yet still regenerate during a server reload/restart?
    Yes. Assuming you didn't delete nodes.yml or regions.yml which stores nodes and regions, when you restart your server and the blocks still haven't replenished, they will automatically replenish while your server shuts down!

    How do I get an Ore Generator????
    Well if you have the proper permissions, type /node with the block in your hand and it will convert it into an Ore Generator! If you don't want to use commands, any block that contains the name "Generator" in the color blue will function as a generator. (&9 being the color code)

    How do I create a mine!?
    To create a mine, you need a wand. To get a wand, type /regionWand to get a wand. left click to set your first position and right click for the second, works similarly to world edit. After it will ask you to name the region and to do that, just type out the name in chat!

    oreGen.commands: (allows use of commands not mentions)
    - oreGen.commands.node (allows the use of /node)
    - oreGen.commands.delete (allows use of /deleteregion)
    - oreGen.commands.editmode (allows use of /editmode)

    - oreGen.regions.editor (allows player to edit regions when in edit mode)
    - oreGen.regions.noderemover (allows player to remove oregenerator when they arent the owner)

    /node (allows player to turn block they are holding into ore generator)
    /regionwand (gives player regionwand to make regions
    /showborder [region name] (Shows border of specified region)
    /editmode [region name] [on/off] (turns editmode on/off in specified region)
    /regionlist (Gives a list of all existing regions)
    /reloadconfig (Reloads all config files in Ore Regeneration!)
    /region (Opens region gui when used as /region [regionname])

    Replenish rates over 20 minutes get overruled by the auto-replenishment system in the plugin

    Do you still have questions? Need support? Find a bug?
    Contact me on discord at Meep#8596!


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    A Really good generator plugin !
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    1. Meap
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, I’m glad you’re enjoying the plugin!
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    I thought I had an issue at first, I reached out over Discord to find a very kind and helpful developer. I've since played around with the plug-in some more and determined that it is perfect for what I'm looking for and works without any issues on my 1.17 server. Thanks for a great plug-in!
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    Good resource, I've been looking for such a plugin for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Meap
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you found what you were looking for!
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    Fantastic resource, few if any issues. Was wondering if you happened to have a discord?
    1. Meap
      Author's Response
      Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed the resource, if you are asking if I have a discord server, then no, but I do have a discord account which I included at the bottom of the resource description and you can message me there.
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    Good support, works great, no lag and free! Amazing plugin keep up the good work!
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    Amazing i have been looking for a mod like these the other ones i found cost 5 dollars
    1. Meap
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      I'm glad you found what you were looking for!
  7. YeeYoshi
    Version: 1.4.1
    Very customizable and helpful for servers with mines and similar to Cosmic Sky's ore nodes! This is a very well made plugin.
  8. dinoboss2001
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    It would be necessary to be more personalized in the sense of the name of the generator and that you will use nbt so that it is 100% comatible with other plugins that use that system of saving generators in the form of items.