Ore Stats 1.1

Simple easy mining stats, keep track of how fast players mine ores

  1. TylerOG
    About this plugin
    Mine-Stats is a plugin that stores stats when players mine ores so players or staff can keep track of how many ores they mine.

    /minestats - Shows yours stats
    /minestats (player) - Shows a target players stats to you
    /mininingstats - Same as the above command
    /miningstats (player) - Same as the above command
    /minestatsinfo - Shows plugin info

    Other uses
    This plugin could also be used to keep track of how fast players mine ores for other games for instance if a player has mined 10 diamonds and has only been on for less than 30 minutes he may or may not have xray.

    Please leave me feedback down below, please post bug reports or suggestions in the plugin discussion.
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed spelling mistakes

Recent Reviews

  1. 1Dot
    Version: 1.1
    Permissions nuds and very nice plugin wondering if u can make an update where u do do /ores and /ores {Player}
  2. MehBoss
    Version: 1.0
    coal is names "cole" on there, everything else works perfectly. Also could you make the way it looks configurable?
    1. TylerOG
      Author's Response
      Fixed the spelling mistake.