OreBroadcast 1.2

Broadcast a message to the server when you find ores

  1. SmeXhy
    This plugin broadcast a message when a player find ores. First contributor was "bendembd" so all credits belong to him! :) Plugin is very simple and lightweight. If you find any error, feel free to contact me in the discussion section. All messages are configurable and transatable!
    This plugin is not "Anti-Xray", it's just type of information for all players. You can use plugin whatever you want, just have on mind that the plugin is created for other reason.

    • Ore size detection
    • Broadcast and message receiving can be allowed / disallowed trough permissions
    • Message fully customizable
    • World whitelist
    • OpenSource
    • Java 7 + 8 compatible
    • Disable broadcast for placed ores in Creative
    /ob reload - Reloads config from disk
    /ob clear - Clears the block blacklist

    ob.commands.reload - Allow the player to use the /ob reload command.
    ob.commands.clear - Allow the player to use the /ob clear command.
    ob.broadcast :- Allow the player to trigger the broadcast when an ore is found.
    ob.receive - Allow the player to receive a broadcast.

    Code (Text):
    #A list of the ores which will be broadcasted when found.

    #The colors to use to color the ores in the broadcast message.
    #See the end of the file for a list of available colors.

    #The message to be broadcasted (you can use the tags {player_name}, #{real_player_name}, {count}, {plural}, {ore}, {ore_color} and {world}).
    #+ You can use colors by using &colorcode (See the end of the file for a list #of available color codes).
    #+ The {ore} tag will be replaced by {ore_color}{ore}.
    #+ The "player_name" tag is the name of the player as it is set by different #plugins, "real_player_name" is the real pseudo of the player.

    #The text to add when more than one ore is found (Will be used to replace the {plural} tag).

    #The ore translations to use in the messages.

    #Set this to true to only activate OreBroadcast in listed worlds.

    #List of worlds where OreBroadcast is active. This has no effect if active-#per-world is set to false!

    #Max size of a vein. If the size is greater, the vein is ignored, preventing #server from freezing (i.e. if mining a big structure made of a block to #broadcast).

    #Block placed in creative will be broadcasted when a player not in creative #break them.

    #Colors and codes
    #Use the colors for the ore list and the color codes for the message

    black : 0
    dark_blue : 1
    dark_green : 2
    dark_aqua : 3
    dark_red : 4
    dark_purple : 5
    gold : 6
    gray : 7
    dark_gray : 8
    blue : 9
    green : a
    aqua : b
    red : c
    light_purple : d
    yellow : e
    white : f
    magic : k
    bold : l
    strikethrough : m
    underline : n
    italic : o
    reset : r


    If you have any error or problem with this plugin, try to contact me befor posting review.
    Anyway, I will be glad for any constructive and positive rating. Enjoy the plugin! :cool:

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Recent Reviews

  1. eai04191
    Version: 1.2
    Perfect plugins. thanks a lot.
  2. TheSijonara
    Version: 1.2
    Verry Good, but can you add an function that allows only People with the right permission to see the broadcast. Or add some modul where I can activate the permissions because I did not give some Players the permissions and they can read the broadcast. I want that only the stuff can read the broadcasts.
  3. Kyluxian
    Version: 1.2
    Works perfectly, great customization too. I use this for my UHC server, and it's been awesome so far, thanks dev.
  4. cookieman768
    Version: 1.2
    Very easy to customize and works well with whole veins. However it might make more sense to have a bypass permission rather than a broadcast one but it is easy to simply negate the permission node in higher ranks.
  5. The_Loyal_One
    Version: 1.2
    Great plugin! Been using it for months now and I can't seem to find any bugs. Definitely recommend! Thanks dev!
  6. Laynoooor
    Version: 1.2
    Very useful! Thanks for that excellent plugin! Works well on my 1.9.2 Spigot Server. Hope you can keep maintain it:D
  7. Flexii89
    Version: 1.0
    Finally, I was searching this plugin for years, very interesting and useful. Thank you that you made this! <3
    1. SmeXhy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review man!