OreRegen - Create regenerating resources [Discontinued] 1.9

Create OreGens, resources that will respawn in your world after a delay [WorldGuard, McMMO support]

  1. Version 1.9

    Fixed compability with java 8.
  2. Version 1.8

    - Removed the world guard flag because it didn't serve any purpose.
    - Added particles.
    - Similar to custom drops now you can execute commands based on chance.
    - item.yml has changed to drops.yml
    - added effects.yml
    Started working on older versions support and sound effects.
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  3. Version 1.7

    Modified the command system, added some error messages that I had forgotten.
  4. Version 1.6

    Fixed many errors from the last update.
  5. Version 1.5

    - Fixed some errors from the latest update
    - Added support for mcMMO, you can set the exp given when mining from a generator, and get double drops based on the users level.
  6. Version 1.4

    Remember to save your current files and let the plugin regenerate config. Or you can add/change values by looking at the config.yml on the plugin page.
    - Added the ability to customize the replacement block for each generator
    - You can still use the dafault-replacement which will act on all generators which don't have the override replacement.
    - Added a message sent when the player mines a depleted generator.
  7. Version 1.3

    - added permission to break each generator, and some custom messages
    - added world guard support. Now you can set the oreregen-break flag to allow/deny oregens to be broken in a protected region. It's allowed by default.
    - Now if you break a generator that doesn't have custom drops, it will respect the tools enchants, such as fortune or silktouch.
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  8. Version 1.2

    Added custom drops
    Other improvements
  9. Version 1.1

    The replacement block when the resource is depleted is now customizable