OresBag 1.1

Skript allowing you to collect ores in a virtual bag so as not to clutter up your inventory.

  1. Eage
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9

    This skript was made by a French beginner.
    You may encounter bugs or glitches. If you see any or have any questions, please contact me on Discord:


    OresBag is a skript that can be used on different types of server of your choice.
    In this first version, you will be able to store all your mined ores in a virtual bag.
    As an administrator, you can change the language of the script to make it easier for your players to read.

    • Collect ores with a pickaxe that can usually destroy them.
    • With the /ores command, click on the ore you have mined to collect it on your inventory.
    • The administrator can change the language of the script with the command /ores lang <fr/en/es>.

    1 - Permissions
    • ores.use : To execute /ores commands
    • ores.lang : To change the language of the skript
    • ores.reload : To reload the skript
    2 - Commands
    • /ores : To open the ores bag
    • /ores lang <fr/en/es> : To change the language of the skript
    • /ores reload : To reload the skript

    I intend to add new features in the next versions to facilitate the use of this skript :
    • A system to detect if the player's inventory is full.

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixed