OreToBlock 1.0

1 basic command that turns all your ores into blocks. A must have for Prison servers!

  1. Funergy

    All this plugin does is simple.
    Somebody does /block.
    If he has the permission oretoblock.use.
    All his ores will be changed to blocks.

    As example:
    I have 10 redstone ore in my inventory.
    I do /block
    I takes 9 ore and turns them to an redstone block (the same as crafting a block in vanilla).
    And you have 1 redstone left with 1 redstone block!

    -/block : permission oretoblock.use

    Theres no configuration so its just drag and drop into your plugins folder!

    For the developers. You are allowed to edit this plugin. But NOT allowed to upload as a different resource!
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Recent Reviews

  1. timli168
    Version: 1.0
    Bad plugin DO NOT DOWNLOAD. If you have exactly 9 ingots or anything you can /block with, it doesnt take away the 9 ingots, but it still creates a block for them. Easy way to dupe, I had to remove this plugin and fix my server Economy.