Organic World Border 1.0

When circular and square borders just aren't enough for your world!

  1. Hamburger123598
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Organic World Border

    Have you ever wanted to have a world border, but one that isnt a circle or a square. If you're fine with those shapes, then this is NOT the plugin for you. Organic World Borders is a tool for servers who want irregular, or organic world borders. What it does is places obsidian and a 15 block tall wall of barrier blocks behind a player once the command /makewall is toggled on. The wall will continue to follow the player's movement every 20 ticks of the server. This allows it to follow the terrain of a world if you want to follow the contours of a mountain or other biome where a simple wall would not fit.

    NOTE: Support for this resource will be limited, this resource was never meant to be fully supported, it is just a simple tool developed for my server that I thought I should share with the community because of how amazingly functional it is.

    How to use Organic World Border

    Using organic world border is really quite simple, there's only one command. /makewall. This command is toggleable, meaning when done once, it turns wall building on, and when done a second time, it turns wall building off.
    To begin making a wall, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the spot where you want the wall to start.

    2. Type /makewall.

    3. Walk, run, or fly (flying is NOT ADVISED, see helpful hints below for more information). As you move, the plugin will place a block of obsidian behind you. Above that block of obsidian will be 15 barrier blocks. This creates a 16 block tall wall, or border where you want it.

    3. When finished with the wall, simply type /makewall again to toggle off wall building. This will also turn all the placed obsidian blocks into barriers, creating a seamless and impenetrable wall.

    Tips, and Helpful Information

    If you have not toggled off wall building, or are in the midst of placing a wall and the server crashes or you logout Organic World Border will stop making the wall. It will also leave the obsidian behind, you will have to manually remove the obsidian if this happens.

    To achieve a well-built wall, walk or run, flying is not advised though will still work. Walking or running along the ground is preferred.

    If you would like to safe-guard your progress in fear that the server might crash, simply toggle the command every few hundred blocks to ensure that what you've done will not be reset.

    It is advised to NOT use any speed effects while making the wall, it may be faster, but the plugin will have trouble tracking player's previous locations and may result in openings or an incomplete wall in some sections.

    If you stop moving for more than a second or two, the wall will catch up to you. Simply break it to get out, you can also /makewall to toggle wall building.

    NOTE: This resource will receive limited support and updates, it is not intended to become a full-fledged plugin, but rather a tool to use when needed.


    If you have an issue with the plugin, please send me a message, DO NOT LEAVE A BAD REVIEWS WITHOUT PM'ING ME FIRST. I will not address any issues in the comments, my only reply will be to send me a message via the mail system on Spigot.

    I will do my best to keep this plugin up-to-date with current minecraft versions, however it does not contain any code (to my knowledge) that will break under new server releases.

    For reference, the plugin has been tested it with versions 1.8.1-1.8.9.​

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