Orify 1.5 2015-10-29

Notify administrators of block removal/placement

  1. DoubleBriian
    With this plugin you may notify players of a certain permission of configurable block placements and removal, this if helpful when finding xrayers or griefers. The plugin is simple, you give the players you would like to notify the permission orify.notify, configure the blocks in the config file, and you're off to the races!

    1. View player's time player.
    2. View block mined/placed per minute.
    3. Quickly check for updates.
    4. Add/remove blocks to notify in config
    5. Exempt players from notification.

    Pull the plugin in to the plugin folder, then reload or restart the server. Once you have done that, you may add blocks in to the config, in a simple English format. When you are notified by the plugin of a block placement/removal, you may hover over the player's name to get their time played, or hover over the block to get the placement/removal per minute. Finally, you may hover on the Orify name at the start of the notification to view the plugin version, and click it to head to the plugin page for updates.


    • Orify.notify
    • Orify.exempt

    If you are having any issues with the plugin, have a bug to report or want to give an idea for the plugin, just let me know and I'll assist you as soon as possible!
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