OtherDrops [Best **FREE** Drop Manager!] 3.2.6

Customize any and every vanilla drop! Includes blocks, mobs, fishing, and more!

  1. BETA VERSION! OtherDrops Version 1.13

    Hey everyone! The moment you've all been waiting for: OtherDrops 1.13 is ready for beta testing!
    The BETA version can be downloaded from the 1.13 GitHub branch https://github.com/CoolLord22/OtherDrops1.13/releases/tag/3.2.6


    1. Stop the server.
    2. Save a copy of your ENTIRE server!
    3. Delete the old jar and copy this jar in place of it.
    4. Check all of your drop files and ensure that there are NO item IDs present. Numerical Item ID support has been dropped! If a numerical ID is used, the plugin will not process the drop, and you will be notified of an error upon joining.
      • You must use the Materials as provided on the Spigot Java Docs. For a complete list of materials, refer to this link!
    5. Start the server.
    6. Modify the config to your liking, and restart the server (or run /odr) to update the changes. You can view the entire config as a whole here.
    7. Report bugs to GitHub here.
    1. This update consists of all of the current commits on the 3.2.6 branch
    2. It entirely removes the Material Change folder creation as it is no longer needed for version 1.13. Legacy builds for this plugin operating on versions below 1.13 will still implement the material change folder.
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