OtherDrops (Updated) 3.2.6

Customize any and every vanilla drop! Includes blocks, mobs, fishing, and more!

  1. CoolLord22
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Zarius, cyklo and Celtic Minstrel

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    OtherDrops is a simple plugin that allows you to add anything from a
    simple glass drop to a complex overhaul of your servers' drops, with
    drops differing depending on tools, biomes, times, weathers and much
    more. It comes with customizable messages, actions, and even
    commands. It is lightweight (meaning it only acts on what you have
    configured), and respects most protection plugins' (such as WorldGuard
    and Regios) settings. Some examples are included to help get your
    creative juices flowing!

    • This plugin is built and tested on 1.13 and 1.12 (Legacy jar). It may be backwards compatible until 1.11, though compatibility in the future is NOT guaranteed!
    • This plugin is not mine, nor am I claiming it as mine! I am simply updating the original plugin by ZariusT. Some information is provided by the original plugin's Bukkit page!
    • More plugin information can be found at the Wiki
    • Please do NOT use the Spigot Reviews section as a way to report bugs, feature requests, etc. Please refer to "Reviewing OtherDrops" for more information!
    • There are now 2 branches of the plugin, 1.13 and Legacy (supports <1.13)! Please report all bugs regarding 1.13 on the Legacy Issues Page.
    • Drop anything!
    • Use triggers such as block break, combat, fishing & more
    • Conditions to fine-tune your drops such as tool, world, regions, weather, permissions & more
    • Add actions including damage, healing, messages, potion effects & more
    • Easy syntax allows you to quickly customize drops & rewards for your server
    • Future Support
      • The official Bukkit lists are used whenever possible, so OtherDrops is able to support all current blocks, items, mobs, enchantments, potion effects, biomes, spawn reasons, etc.
    • Support for special item data:
      • Custom names & lore text
      • Enchanted weapons & armor (or add random enchantments)
      • Enchant anything with unlimited levels (dirt with level 30 damage?)
      • Enchanted books with any enchantment
      • Written books (with custom title/author/pages)
      • Leather armor colors
      • Custom fireworks colors
      • Skull types & custom player heads
    • Support for special mob data:
      • Custom names, HP (health) & equipment for any mob
      • Baby animals (all "Ageable" mobs - chicken, cow, pig, zombie etc)
      • Tame wolves (including collar color) or cats (& different cat types)
      • Sheep colors (and sheared/unsheared)
      • Villager professions, villager zombies, powered creepers & aggressive level for pig-zombies
      • Wither skeletons, Slime & lava-slimes of any size
    • Economy support (via Vault)
      • Support for all major economy plugins
      • Players can gain, lose or steal money based on fixed amount or percentage
      • Compatible with "MoneyDrop" to drop physical money items.
    • Multi-world support - create separate files to handle each world
    • Add super rare drops with chance values down to 0.000000001%
    • Specify tools required (or a list of tools eg. [any sword, -diamond sword])
    • Lorename, Heroes (class & level) conditions
    • Cooldowns
    • Apply actions alongside the drop (or even without a drop)
    • Damage tools and/or consume items (eg. use dyes to color wool)
    • Damage or heal the victim, player or even the whole world
    • Apply potion effects to the victim, player, radius, world or server
    • Display custom messages (or a list of messages with one selected at random)
    • Create explosions, lightning, visual effects (including particles), sound effects
    • Run commands
    • Give leaves various chances of dropping apples, sticks, cocoa beans, saplings, etc on break and/or leaf decay.
    • Make glass, stairs, and boats reclaimable (can be tool-specific if you wish).
    • Allow gold and iron to be mined directly into ingots with a golden pickaxe.
    • Allow users to right-click on cobblestone with vines in hand to turn the cobblestone mossy.
    • Nerf mob traps by disabling drops from environmental damage.
    • Unleash the zombie apocalypse by setting zombies to drop zombies when they die! (This can be world-specific.)
    • Make mobs that don't normally spawn naturally spawn.
    • Make mob spawning, drops, and events biome specific!
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    Many thanks to these people who helped with OtherDrops (Information pulled from BukkitDev):
    From ZariusT:

    • Cyklo: creator of the original OtherBlocks. OtherDrops is a continuation of Cyklo's original OtherBlocks(2011) plugin.
    • Celtic Minstrel: many code commits and a major overhaul of the code moving into version 2.0. Moved on to create DropFactory.
    • Rofang: major update of OtherDrops documentation.
    • RugRats13: lots of testing and some documentation.
    • Faldonboy & Steelsouls: currently maintaining and improving the documentation.
    • CommodoreAlpha: community support on the comments/forum, assisting with documentation.
    Thanks from CoolLord22:
    • ZariusT: for updating OtherBlocks to OtherDrops, supporting versions up through 1.8.
    • Zomblad: Helping test the newest versions before release.
    • Folas: Finding and reporting bugs in Beta Releases.


    • If you have a problem please create a ticket (on GitHub) and include the error (if there was one). Feel free to join the Discord server linked below! I'm super active there and tend to respond better through it.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Would you like to help improve OtherDrops? Here are some ways to get involved:
    • Media/art: OtherDrops could use tutorial and example videos.
    • Testers: I need testers who are able to go through the plugin and rigorously check that things (both existing and new features) work as they should. Message me if you are interested!
    • Programming: Any help is welcomed. If you have any suggestions for improvement or would like to help, please message me!
    • Assistance: I need people who are well knowledged on the plugin and will be able to help others out on the GitHub, Spigot, and Discord pages! Message me if you're interested!

    • Do you enjoy using OtherDrops? Click here to leave a rating!
    • If you really enjoy this plugin, please drop a review (hopefully 5 stars ;)). If you appreciated my help on a question, also consider rating the plugin! I code for free; I don't ask for money, I don't ask for donations, and I sure as heck don't get paid to develop OtherDrops. I do it to help others, and when I am recognized for that help, it means everything.
    • Unfortunately, things can't always be positive. However, the reviews section is meant for actual reviews- not to degrade the plugin, make a feature request, or get help. Please don't leave negative reviews on amazing plugins in an attempt to get the authors' attention! Believe me, we pay attention to every ticket, every issue, every discussion comment, etc. Leaving bad reviews to "get our attention" just makes us less likely to help. If you need help, check the Contact Me section- visit our GitHub issues page, join our Discord Server, or leave a comment on the Discussions page!
    • To receive support, report bugs, get information on updates, test out beta updates, and so much more, join our Discord. To receive Beta Releases #beta-updates channel!





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Recent Reviews

  1. arquiusGuy
    Version: 3.2.6
    As soon as I had a question, I was able to get help. This mod has an insane amount of utility, and is probably one of the most useful server tools around for making a customized Minecraft experience. If I could rate higher than 5, I would.
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you find it useful :) If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  2. Chessnut
    Version: 3.2.6
    The plugin is extremely complex and is hard to understand. It is however an extremely powerful plugin if you give it the time. However, the CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS BRILLIANT! The moment I had an issue one of the devs came and walked me through everything step by step. You will not find better customer support anywhere. For that reason alone I would give this plugin 5 stars.
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the kind words!! (Also, heehee, not just one of the dev's the only dev ;) other staff are just helpers but I'm the only developer at the time being). I'm glad we were able to get your issue fixed though! Happy OtherDrop-ing!
  3. Drexl_Levante
    Version: 3.2.6
    Quite possibly one of the best plugins out there! The amount of possibilities and configurations it gives you can easily take the place of other plugins and do the same thing. Drop anything anywhere with any condition. Not too hard to learn either. 5 stars!
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the rating, it really means a lot! I'm glad you enjoy using it! :)
  4. D3Box
    Version: 3.2.6
    Super plugin avec un développeur hyper actif pour aider à comprendre le plugin si vous avez besoin d'aide sur le plugin n'hésitez pas à aller sur le discord , le seul truc que j'aurais à dire pour améliorer le plugin ce serait de refaire une page doc spigot mieux expliquer et si possible avec un bon traducteur français voire même d'autre langue pour une meilleure compréhension du plugin et utiliser 100 % du plugin !
    Super plugin with a hyper active developer to help understand the plugin if you need help on the plugin do not hesitate to go on the discord, the only thing I would have to say to improve the plugin would be to redo a page doc spigot better explain and if possible with a good French translator or even other language for a better understanding of the plugin and use 100% of the plugin!
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the kind words! It means so much :) I'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration!
  5. Misio12320
    Version: 3.2.6
    Yeah great plugin. Can you please add my suggestions into the plugin? I requested em on Github
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      I'll definitely do my best!
  6. FrostVN
    Version: 3.2.5
    One of the best plugin that I've ever found in Spigot so far, very powerful, can change/edit everything related to 'drop'. I was confused at the start but the plugin's wiki helped a lot.
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the kind words! OtherDrops is definitely a powerful resource, but very complex as well. Believe me, as an individual who took over the original plugin's development, I am still learning new features of the plugin today xD I hope you find this resource to be useful! Thanks for downloading and reviewing :) <3
  7. pvpKingdoms
    Version: 3.2.5
    OtherDrops is the best FREE custom drops plugin. It literally can do whatever you can think of; commands, items, etc! Developer helped me solve some issues involving it and I cannot be happier using!
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you love it :)
  8. mategol
    Version: 3.2.5
    Very good plugin that allows you to make completely everything and can do same things like tons of other plugins.
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Glad you enjoy using it :)
  9. TvThane
    Version: 3.2.5
    Very nice plugin. One of the bests. Much easier than skript for example. And very basic config. I described by it drop from crops and stone. Also very nice contact with the author of it. Very helpful man!
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words! This review kind of shows it all. Depending on what you want to do, you can make the easiest of changes, but also if you desire, you can make the most complex changes to basic Minecraft. I'm glad you enjoy using the plugin!
  10. Shadowpauler
    Version: 3.2.5
    Most orginized, clean, and updated customized drops editor out there that's free. It's even better than all other premium drop editor plugins, because you can even change the mechanics of how Minecraft defines it's systems. A very unique experience like no other plugin I will say for sure. This is a must-have for all RPG servers.
    1. CoolLord22
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the kind words! The changes that this plugin makes are incredibly useful to customize any server. I'm glad you've got it working! :D