OTroll 1.7.0

Modern GUI, included Vanish, many happy users

  1. Jupiter79
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Commands :

    /troll -> With this command you can troll a player
    /troll <player> random -> Troll the player with a random function
    /troll #random -> The plugin will choose a random player to be trolled
    Permission: otroll.troll
    Bypass permission: otroll.bypass

    /troll #vanish -> You will become invisible to everyone and won't pickup any items
    Permission: otroll.vanish


    Functions :
    • Burn
      Lights the player up for 5 seconds
    • Fake Timeout
      Sends the player a fake timeout message
    • Drop
      Drops the current item in the player's hand
    • Fake OP
      Lets the player think, he would have got OP
    • Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strikes the player
    • Scare
      Elder-jumpscares the player
    • Fake Demo
      Displays the minecraft demo screen
    • Look Random
      Lets the player look in a random direction for 5 seconds
    • Freeze
      Freezes the player for 10 seconds
    • LAUNCH
      Launches the player up with a firework explosion at the top
    • Hunger
      Sets the player's hunger scale to 1
    • ALL effects
      Gives the player all effects for 10 seconds
    • Fake BAN
      Lets the player think, he would have been banned
    • AntiCheat fake
      Bugs the player back 25 times with a random delay
    • RAM overload
      Lets the player think his RAM would overload
    • Explode
      Summons a primed TNT at the player
    • Kill
      Kills the player
    • Shuffle inventory
      Shuffles the player's inventory
    • Damage
      Removes the player 1 heart
    • Drop all items
      Drops all items from the player's inventory and prevents the player pick up the items for 10 seconds
    • Teleport below bedrock
      Teleports the player below bedrock
    • Drown
      Builds an obsidian cage around the player with water inside and gives the player mining fatigue
    Extra functions:
    • Teleport to player
    • Give player gamemode creative
    • Give player gamemode survival
    • Give player gamemode adventure
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Recent Updates

  1. Vanish update
  2. Update notify removed
  3. 1.18 support

Recent Reviews

  1. enzosopog
    Version: 1.6.7
    I can't really reply to the author's response which sucks, but its fine. But I have a good idea for gui, so you know how you can gamemode creative/survival/adventure, teleport to them with the actual mc commands? Yes, my idea is that you can remove the function stuff in the gui, and replace it with trolls, but if you want it to stay, you can put it in the area where you can troll people with commands, hence
    "/troll #creative (player)"
    "/troll #tp (player)"
    like that, so you can replace the functions in the gui with trolls, I dont really have any ideas yet but I will put them here once I do, Thanks for this plugin :)
  2. enzosopog
    Version: 1.6.6
    Ok so, I have a bunch of troll ideas, that you can add, you don't need to add all of them. but I just suggest them :)

    -Dimension Teleport
    Teleports the player to dimensions, then when its the dimension teleport troll is chosen, it pops up a gui saying either random coordinates and dimensions, or the player chooses the specified dimension and coordinates.

    It drops all the player items and cannot pick the items up for around 10-15 seconds, while the player cannot pick them up, it teleports them 300 blocks in the air, then they have to do the clutch the troller selects. if they fail, they die, if they do it, they survive.
    The 3 Clutches the troller can select for the player is,
    -Water Bucket Clutch
    -Cobweb Clutch
    -Ladder Clutch
    (you can add more if you wanna)

    -Message Troll
    The troller adds a custom/actual username to it, then they type in the message, once they click the done button, the server types the message in with the specified username, it makes others think either a really popular guy joined the server, or their friend actually got minecraft.

    I might add more soon but this is it for now :)
    I love this plugin so much! Others being confused makes me laugh so hard! Thanks for this @Jupiter79 :)
    1. Jupiter79
      Author's Response
      Hey thank you for your great review!

      I would really like to include some of your features but it would be just too complicated for me.
      The problem is that we now have a full inventory with the max size of 54 slots so I would have to implement a pagination feature with which you could navigate through all pages (and this is reaaaaly complicated xD); hence I am not able to include your features.
      I think it would make the plugin much more complicated too because some users wouldn't be able to choose from all those options.

      I could remove the glass panes in between the items so I would have more space for another features but then it would ugly again.
  3. enzosopog
    Version: 1.4
    Here's an idea,
    /troll random, not the choose random troll, the random PLAYER.
    so if you can't figure out who to troll, the plugin chooses a random player to troll :) .
    Love the plugin btw! Keep it up!
    1. Jupiter79
      Author's Response
      Thanks I have added your suggested feature!
  4. enzosopog
    Version: 1.17.X
    This is so funny trolling other people! Good job making this lmao
    1. Jupiter79
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :D
  5. skfkdj
    Version: 1.17.X
    Nice plugin but does not support 1.16
    1. Jupiter79
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your very positive review! It should work on 1.16 though.
      You need to select "Version History" and then use the 1.16.X version
  6. esteban_cz
    Version: 1.17.X
    Working well, it does what it's supposed to do.
    Overall very good troll plugin :)
    1. Jupiter79
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  7. aventas
    Version: 1.16.X
    Good plugin, please, add /troll all so it troll everyone on the server, would be fun!:D
  8. Pauseidon
    Version: 1.16.X
    Super Plugin! i love the fake demo troll its really funny to see the people all confused
    1. Jupiter79
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your nice review! :)