OTroll 1.16.X

The troll plugin with the most features and a modern GUI interface

  1. Jupiter79
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Commands :

    /troll -> With this command you can troll a player
    Permission: otroll.troll
    Bypass permission: otroll.bypass


    Functions :

    • Burn
      Lights the player up for 5 seconds
    • Fake Timeout
      Sends the player a fake timeout message
    • Drop
      Drops the current item in the player's hand
    • Fake OP
      Lets the player think, he would have got OP
    • Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strikes the player
    • Scare
      Elder-jumpscares the player
    • Fake Demo
      Displays the minecraft demo screen
    • Look Random
      Lets the player look in a random direction for 5 seconds
    • Freeze
      Freezes the player for 10 seconds
    • LAUNCH
      Launches the player up with a firework explosion at the top
    • Hunger
      Sets the player's hunger scale to 1
    • ALL effects
      Gives the player all effects for 10 seconds
    • Fake BAN
      Lets the player think, he would have been banned
    • AntiCheat fake
      Bugs the player back for 10 seconds
    • RAM overload
      Lets the player think his RAM would overload
    • Explode
      Summons a primed TNT at the player
    • Kill
      Kills the player
    • Shuffle inventory
      Shuffles the player's inventory
    • Damage
      Removes the player 1 heart
    • Drop all items
      Drops all items from the player's inventory and prevents the player pick up the items for 10 seconds

Recent Reviews

  1. aventas
    Version: 1.16.X
    Good plugin, please, add /troll all so it troll everyone on the server, would be fun!:D
  2. Pauseidon
    Version: 1.16.X
    Super Plugin! i love the fake demo troll its really funny to see the people all confused
    1. Jupiter79
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your nice review! :)