ourItemSpawner 1.1

ourItemSpawner is plugin that turns mob spawners into spawners that spawn loot!

  1. NoPremMc
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.15

    Info: as of now this plugin only support a few mobs (that is if your connected to public database, if not no mobs are loaded), however you can manually add each mob!

    How to use: place block under spawner chosen by config (default Emerald Block)! if items don't spawn it means either your wanted mob isn't loaded or you haven't placed block under it!

    + Customize each mob!
    + Customize block that's used
    + Public database!
    + Ability to whitelist/blacklist worlds!
    + Shift + Right Clicking item spawner would give info about it!
    + more to come

    - File - Loads mobs from a local file!
    - Public - Loads mobs from public file!
    - FilePublic - Loads mobs first from local file then public!
    - Forced - Kills spawned mobs!
    - FileForced - Drops loot for loaded mobs from file, kills unregistered mobs!
    - PublicForced - Drops loot for loaded mobs from public file, kills unregistered!
    - Mixed - Uses local first, then Public, then forced modes!

    - ourItemSpawner - shows help menu [perm: ouritemspawner.help]
    - ourItemSpawner info - shows block thats used [perm: ouritemspawner.info]
    - ourItemSpawner reload - reloads config [perm: ouritemspawner.reload]

    perm "ouritemspawner.help" also enables tab complete for commands!
    public database incase you need basic file:
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