OverChat || Super Advanced Manager 1.7

Most advanced chat Skript ever. Support for: mutes, filter, player reports, coloured, so much more!

  1. Minor Fix

    Added an extra dot in one line that broke ranks. ;-;
  2. SUITE

    This is now hooked into LobbyCore.
  3. Fix! :D

    • Fixed some things
    • Added racist terms to swears
    • Added /chattype > support for another chat manager plugin or style
  4. Minor Updates

    Just some tiny bug fixes.

    Also made it a little faster! :D
  5. The VERBOSE Update!!!

    This is probably the coolest update yet!

    Added some optional VOICE commands for admins... (admin.voice)
    Wanna try them?
    • /verbosecommands enable
    Then just try talking to the server! (You can edit any of the tags easily)

    1. Teleport to a player
    2. Summon people to you
    3. Reload the server
    4. Kick players
    5. Mute players
    6. Alter the speech pattern
    This is just optional, but it's pretty cool IMO and quicker than using...
  6. A few additions

    Added some fixes and an advertising filter.