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Easy mode?!? Why play at 20 TPS when you can play at 200?!?

  1. BananaPuncher714
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    Why play at 20 TPS when you can play at 200?!?

    What is this?
    Overdrive allows you to permanently(until you restart, reload, or crash your server) increase or decrease your maximum TPS. You can speed it up as high as your cpu can handle, or lower it down to 0.1 TPS. Note that many features of Minecraft may no longer perform as expected, and will look strange on the client's end. Many plugins that depend on accurate system time may break or function incorrectly when the TPS is changed. This plugin is not responsible for any damage that may occur, or mental trauma from switching off of easy mode. NOTE: THIS PLUGIN IS NOT FOR CASUALS

    Cool, how do I stop playing on easy mode?
    Simple, increase the TPS with the command /overdrive 200. This will increase your maximum TPS to 200, or as high as your server can handle. Note that /tps doesn't show you your real TPS if it goes above 20. You will have to use timings for that.

    • /overdrive [TPS] - Change the TPS, or view the current one. Requires the overdrive.lunatic permission to run.
    • overdrive.lunatic - You'd have to be a lunatic to have this permission
    Supported Versions
    Overdrive supports these versions only:
    • 1.14.4
    • 1.15
    • 1.15.1
    • 1.15.2
    • 1.16.1
    • 1.16.2
    • 1.16.3
    • 1.16.4
    • 1.16.5
    • 1.17
    • 1.17.1
    Do not ask about previous versions, they will not be added.

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Recent Updates

  1. 1.17.1 Update
  2. 1.17 Update
  3. 1.16.4 and 1.16.5 support

Recent Reviews

  1. Xitecraft1
    Version: Lunatic
    Really good Plugin!
    It hasn't supported 1.16.5 but in under 24h there was a update for this MC version :D
    1. BananaPuncher714
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I couldn't sit by and not let people overdrive their servers. :P
  2. smeths
    Version: Lunatic
    Great dev, brilliant tool for anyone who wants to use an amazing plugin written by a real being who punches bananas 5*
    1. BananaPuncher714
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :P
  3. PluginDownloader
    Version: Lunatic
    looks like an epic plugin just appeared in front of us, maybe consider support 1.16.2 as well?
    1. BananaPuncher714
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'll add it when I can!
  4. algiux
    Version: Lunatic
    1. BananaPuncher714
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the fact that you recognize it.
  5. alwan_fz
    Version: Lunatic
    Hey ! Thanks for making this plugin, but did this work on 1.15.2 ? Looking forward to new update !
    1. BananaPuncher714
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'll see what I can do!