OverWatch 1.0.1

All-round player management plugin.

  1. Arjan


    An all-round player management system developed for the needs of every server administrator. From warning, kicking and banning to checking for health hacks and global ban records. OverWatch has many powerful features and is only expanding. I hope that you consider downloading this plugin so that we can together create a safe environment for non-toxic players.

    • Warning, kicking and banning.
    • Temporary bans, permanent bans and IP bans.
    • Automated global ban detection. (Pulled from MCBans)
    • Join CAPTCHA.
    • Detect multiple users on the same IP-address.
    • Detect name changes.
    • Check for Health Hacks.
    • Advanced logging system. (Separate logs for warns, kicks and bans)
    • Blacklist IP-addresses.

    • overwatch.staff - Used to define a player as a staff member. A player with this permission will receive all notifications.
    • overwatch.warn - Permission to warn a player.
    • overwatch.kick - Permission to kick a player.
    • overwatch.tempban - Permission to temporary ban a player.
    • overwatch.ban - Permission to ban a player.
    • overwatch.ipban - Permission to IP ban a player.
    • overwatch.unban - Permission to unban a player.
    • overwatch.explode - Permission to explode a player. This is to check for health hacks.
    • overwatch.checkip - Permission to check the IP of a player to see which accounts are linked to his IP.
    • overwatch.checkmcban - Permission to see the amount of McBans of a player.
    • ALL default to OP
    • /warn - Warn a player.
    • /kick - Kick a player.
    • /tempban - Temporary ban a player.
    • /ban - Permanently ban a player.
    • /ipban - IP ban a player.
    • /unban - Unban a player.
    • /explode - Check if a player is using health hacks.
    • /checkip - check the IP of a player to see which accounts are linked to his IP.
    • /checkmcban - Check to see the amount of McBans of a player.

    Code (Text):
    # Welcome to the configuration file of OverWatch. This file contains the most key features to make the plugin work to your
    # wishes. All settings have a brief explanation of what they are what they are used for. If, at any point, you require
    # help setting up your configuration or you simply want to suggest something; send a private message to me on the Spigot
    # forums.

    # Reset the config?
    ResetConfig: false

    # Do you want players to enter a captcha when they join the server?
    Captcha: true
    CaptchaLength: 5
    # Amount of seconds before being kicked if you don't enter the captcha.
    CaptchaKick: 10

    # Do you want OverWatch to check a players McBan record when they join?
    McBan: true

    # Do you want OverWatch to check for players on the same IP address?
    IPCheck: true

    # Do you want OverWatch to check for a namechange when a player joins?
    Namechange: true
    And much more!
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