OwnCommands 1.1

Create your own CUSTOM commands, without programming

  1. TheRealSebSeb
    Custom Commands, for Players and/or Console

    Create your own commands, without programming any line.
    You only have to configure the executed commands and the message in the Config.yml

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    1. Drag the plugin into your plugins folder
    2. Restart/Reload the server
    3. go into the plugins/CustomCommands folder and open the config.yml
    4. list all commands you want to add in the ActiveCommands list
    5. go ingame and execute the command /command reload
    6. open the commands.yml, if you can't see a command you did sth. wrong
    7. fill in the commands should be executed and the messages schould bee send and set the permissions
    8. activate all the functions you want to use
    9. save the commands.yml
    10. go back and reload/restart the server, your commands should work
    Now you are finished and everything should work fine


    Code (yml (Unknown Language)):
    # Variables:
    - bann
    Code (yml (Unknown Language)):
      Arguments: 1
      consoleVersionActive: true
      playerVersionActive: true
      description: Command:banns the player and his ip
      permission: commands.bann
      usageMessage: /bann <Player>
      NoPermissionMsaage: '&4You don''t have permission to execute this command'
      - ban {ARG1}
      - banip {ARG1}
      ConsoleCommandsEnabled: true
      playerCommands: []
      playerCommandsEnabled: false
      - '&6You banned &4{ARG1}''s &6ip and playername'
      sendMessage: true
    command (permission: own.commands)


    - {Player} Playername
    - {UUID} Players UUID
    - {ARGx} the x. argument

    Planed features

    -isset comstructions, only executes the specific command if the argument is set
    -ingame editable
    - update notification

    If you have and question just message me!!