PackUtils (Essentials Remade) [EN-FR] [UlityCore Addons] 1.1

Alternative of Essentials redefined. Remade.

  1. Ddgf
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    360matt (me)
    Languages Supported:
    French, English (updated v1.0.1)
    REQUIRE UlityCore !!
    REQUIRE Vault !!

    PackUtils is a alternative of Essentials, but it's more customizable and you can translate ALL messages (descriptions message too).

    A Economy system is integrated.

    Messages are already beatiful <3

    The plugin folder configuration is: /ulitycore/addons/PackUtils


    You can disable some commands you want in the file: /ulitycore/addons/PackUtils/disabled_commands.yml
    These commands do not load, players do not notice their existence

    • /balance [player]
      Show the sold of player
    • /eco <set | add | remove> <player> <amount>
      Change the sold of player

      /eco <clear>
      Delete sold of all players
    • /pay <player>
      Transfert a money to the sold of player

    • /gamemode <mod> [player]
      aliase: /gm
      Change the gamemode of player
    • /gmc [player]
      Change the gamemode of player to creative
    • /gms [player]
      Change the gamemode of player to survival
    • /gma [player]
      Change the gamemode of player to adventure
    • /gmp [player]
      Change the gamemode of player to spectator

    • /fly [player]
      Change the fly mod of player

    • /back
      Return to the latest emplacement
      ( Death not counted )
    • /sethome [name]
      Create a home, default named "home" (max homes in settings)
    • /home [name]
      Go to the home, default named "home"
    • /delhome [name]
      Delete the home, default named "home"
    • /setspawn
      Set the spawn location of /spawn
    • /spawn
      Teleport to the spawn location
    • /top
      Teleport to the highest block at the current location
    • /tpa <player>
      Send a teleport request to player
    • /tpyes [player]
      Accept the teleport request
    • /tpno [player]
      Deny the teleport request
    • /tp <player>
      /tp <player> <player>
      Teleport you to player or teleport player to player

      /tp <x> <y> <z>
      /tp <player> <x> <y> <z>
      Teleport you to a location or teleport a player to a location

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Recent Updates

  1. Added commands
  2. Added somes fonctionnality

Recent Reviews

  1. Goldfire34
    Version: 1.0.2
    Great plugin, I put it on my server then I got rich! I highly recommend ! This plugin is a miracle. Thanks to the developer for his crazy work !!!
  2. Imqnol
    Version: 1.0.2
    Super léger et super performant, Je l’ai mis sur mon serveur et il marche du tonnerre ! Parfait
    1. Ddgf
      Author's Response
      Merci pour ton avis Imanol :)