PaidRanks - Rankup 3.8

Allow users to rank-up using money! With multiple ladders of choice!

  1. PaidRanks v3.8 Update!

    Change Log
    • Added maven support (For developers | See github)
    • Added Vault support back (When I updated the plug-in, I thought Vault was dead | This is because I was away from the scene for quite a while)
    • Removed the config.yml
      • Instead of the global parameter for world, it's up to each individual ladder.
    • Changed /pr ladder set default <ladderName> to /pr ladder set <default | world> [value]
      • Note: Value is not required for either. If no...
  2. PaidRanks v3.7 Update!

    Change Log
    • Fixed bug where it sent wrong error message for /ru rank next.
    • Added Metrics
    • Added command /pr ladder toggle requiresRank <ladderName>
    • Added the ability to customize an error message for “Commands_MustBeNumeric”
    • Added command /pr ladder info <ladderName>
    • Added command /pr rank info <ladderName> <rankName>
    • Added command /pr rank set <ladderName> <rankName> <price | perm | position> <value>
    • Removed command /pr rank move <ladderName> <rankName>...
  3. PaidRanks v3.6 Update!

    • Fixed ladder bug where it would only load the ranks of the first ladder in the file.
    • Fixed where ladders and ranks wouldn't delete properly in the file and load back up next reload.
    • Fixed the position of ranks after removing them from the ladder.
    • Added a catch onLoad if there are multiple 'default' ladders configured.
    • Added more messages while plugin is initiating.
    • Changed the command to create ladders.
    • Changed the command to add ranks to ladders....
  4. PaidRanks v3.5 Update!

    Added support for following plugins!
    • SQLEconomy
    • iConomy
    • LuckPerms