PaintBallGuns 1.0

Like on Mineplex, fire snowballs in the lobby!

  1. yamerins
    With this plugin, you can have a paintball gun as a lobby gadget!

    Fully customizable configuration file!
    Shoot unlimited paintballs in lobbies!

    None necessary! If you have an idea, tell me in the discussion thread.

    None again! Same rule applies.

    Now we get to the important stuff!
    GunMaterial: The material that the gun will be in the player's hotbar. Must be the same as the corresponding value from this page:

    Slot: the slot of the player that the gun will be in. Use 1-9, and only whole numbers.

    WorldsList: List of the worlds where the player will receive the item. Uses the names of the worlds.

    SpeedMultipliedBy: The amount of times faster these shots will travel than normal snowballs.

    CantGiveGunExceptionReturn: The message that will be displayed if the gun can't be given to a player because of an improper configuration file setup.

    GunName: The name the gun will have.

    GunLore: List of strings for the gun's lore. Each string in the list will be on its own line.

    CooldownTime: The time (in ticks) before the player can shoot another snowball.

    CooldownViolateMessage: The message sent to the user if they try to shoot a snowball while in cooldown.

    That's it. Fast, simple, easy, effective.

    And remember, I am always taking suggestions!