PaintGun 1.0.3

Change the blocks wool for a moment

  1. Error in version .jar

    - Error with version .jar Sorry!
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  2. - Fixed bugs and Added effects new

    - Added news effect when shooting and others
    - Fixed bugs
  3. Added effect when firing the gun

    • Added effect "flame" when firing the gun.
  4. Neew! Change name, lore, material (gun) and Sound Shot SnowBalls.

    • You Change Name of Gun
    • You Change Lore (Description) of Gun
    • You Change Material of Gun (GOLD_HOE, DIAMOND_SWORD, Etc)
    • You Change Sound of the Shot (SnowBalls)
    • Added new command (/paint reload) Reloaded configs, and permission is: paintgun.reload
  5. Added console message

    • If you try to run the command from the console , this will send a message and no error