PandaJump Version 3.0

A very awesome and simple doublejump plugin! Which is very good for hubs.

  1. JackTehPanda15
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    PandaJump allows you to toggle the double jump feature with lots of awesome features planned for this plugin soon! This is a great plugin to have on hubs so that player enjoys there time on your sever jumping around!:)

    - /pandajump (Main command)
    - pandajump.* (Access to everything)
    - pandajump.command.* (Access to all commands)
    - pandajump.jumping.* (All the jumping perms! [Recommended For Players])
    - pandajump. help (lets you use main command)
    - pandajump.reload (lets you reload plugin)
    - pandajump. toggle (lets you toggle double jump)
    - panda.jump (lets you double jump)

    Code (Text):

    # ---------------
    # PandaJump - 3.0
    # By JackThePanda
    # ---------------
    # the cooldown: 1 second = 1000 ticks! set to 0 to disable
      DamageEnabled: false
      Cooldown: 0 # set to 0 to disable
      VelocityMultiplier: 1.5
      VelocirtyY: 1
      Prefix: '&dPandaJump &7&l>> '
      Reload: '&aReloaded Config!'
      NoPerm: '&cYou do not have access to that command.'
      Header: '&f----- &dPandaJump &f-----'
      Footer: '&f--------------------'
      Cooldown: '&cPlease wait %cooldown% seconds before jumping again!'
      FinishCooldown: '&aThe Cooldown is now over!'
      Health: '&eYour health is now: %health%'
      ToggleEnabled: '&aYou can now double jump'
      ToggleDisabled: '&cYou can no longer double jump'

    - Download PandaJump - 3.0.jar
    - Stop your server
    - Upload PandaJump - 3.0.jar into the plugins folder
    - Startup server

    - ENJOY!
    Bug Report
    If you find any bugs within the plugin please report them to me asap by copying the error into and sending me the link via a conversation. Please do not use the review to tell me about an error!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kev575
    Version: Version 6.0
    This is cool, but why is the reload only for players? That is not quite good xD

    Kind Regards
    Kev575 ;)
    1. JackTehPanda15
      Author's Response
      to be honest I don't actually know ill sort that now! thank you for the review :)
  2. Faiden
    Version: version 4.5
    good but it is to simply add effect / stats with count of dooble jump but what you want but more funny :)
    1. JackTehPanda15
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great review ill be very happy to add them in future updates!
  3. CarmineKing
    Version: version 2.5
    Rated 5 stars, found a problem ;-; It prevents admins or anybody from flying even using /fly doesn't help :(
    1. JackTehPanda15
      Author's Response
      i will fix this soon
  4. CarmineKing
    Version: version 2.0
    Great plugin! Once you add the config for jump height, I would gladly rate 5 stars! :) cheers! -magic
    1. JackTehPanda15
      Author's Response
      i will make sure i add that in the nexted updata