PandaJump Version 3.0

A very awesome and simple doublejump plugin! Which is very good for hubs.

  1. 1.15 Support

    Added version 1.15 support
  2. Complete re-hall

    Updated everything. and fixed bugs.
  3. Brand New PandaJump!

    This plugin has been completely redone! with lots of new features planned!
  4. Updated to 1.10

    I have completely recoded this plugin and updated to 1.10 enjoy :) PM any problems
  5. Fixed bug

    i have made it so that if you are oped or have star you can double jump but to fly you will need to add the permission node pandajump.bypass.

    all bugs that i know of are now fixed, please let me know of any more
  6. Forgot to add bypass to op!

    I have added a bypass to the double jump and the default is op ( if you have pandajump.bypass you will not be able to use the double jump!
  7. added new features

    it no logger puts you in fly when you have a cool down or causes lag! i have also added /pandajump which lists all the plugin commands and a * permission while also redoing the messages so they look nicer!
  8. bug fix

    i have made it so that you can reload the plugin from the console as well as ingame!
  9. now works with 1.8.8 and new messages

    added 1.8.8 so it will work with mine craft 1.8.8-1.9 (as I got some messages asking for this) but you still need Java 8!
    I have changed and restructured the messages so that they are more understood :) let me know of any new features you would like!
  10. Less buggy and more light weight!

    i have removed code that is not needed and made it work better with 1.9 if you want this plugin to work on 1.8 as well let me know!