PandaJump Version 3.0

A very awesome and simple doublejump plugin! Which is very good for hubs.

  1. added effect

    I have add the smoke effect when you double jump but maybe buggy as has not fully been tested so let me know of any bugs.
    This plugin is now more lightweight and better than ever!
  2. Massive overhall

    PandaJump now works with 1.9 i have also added alot new features so that this is one of the ebst double jump plugins out there!

    I have added the feature so that when you first join you can have a speed boost that get enabled and disbaled in the config and the speed can be customised as well.

    You can now Change the height and distance in the config as well as change the cool down between jumps! please remeber with the cooldowns 20 = 1 second!
    All messages for this plugin can now be...
  3. Recoded

    As this plugin has not been updated in a while idecided to recode it so that it is much better and efficient! will be adding new features soon when i am not as busy like editable cooldowns and heights and permission to bypass cooldown!
  4. fixed bugs

    i have fixed the bugs i know of so if you have fly on you will be able to do double jump and removed cooldown message as it was spammy
  5. added cooldown

    I have added a 5 second cooldown between jumps
  6. New jar file and small bug fix

    i have renamed the jar file and fixed a small bug with the permissions
  7. Added config

    i have added a config so that when you double jump it sends the player a message and also if you do not have permisison and you try to double jump it sends you a message.
    this can all be customised in the config, i have added height to the config but it will not work at the moment but it will soon :)
  8. added permission

    i made it so you need panda.jump to be able to use the double jump and i will add a config so you can change the height in the nexted up date. pandajump.*
    has also been added because why not.