PaperHealing 1.0.1

Patch yourself up! Highly configurable bandages

  1. Velariyel
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This plugin is designed to be a very configurable and expandable method of healing in your server. The configuration file is highly customizable, allowing for an unlimited number of unique bandages. This plugin is very rough around it's edges, it is however functional as a core mechanic to be built around. Currently the only way to obtain the bandages is with /paperhealing <give|giveall>.

    Much of the innards are written for future implementation, and I hope to add to this plugin as suggestions arise.

    Currently, this plugin is made for Spigot 1.8, and will not work on any other version. I plan to add cross version compatibility at a later date.

    To add your own bandages, simply copy and paste one of the existing sections, and modify the values to your heart's content. Bandage names must be unique, and make sure that the indentation is still aligned and tabs are not used, as is the case with any configuration file.
    The two example types provided are "Common" and "Another". The configuration file's header explains generally how each field functions.

    paperhealing.staff - Allows the use of /bandage <give|giveall>

    Planned additions:
    Commands to create and edit bandage types
    Configurable material (not just paper!)
    More placeholders in the config
    More ways to obtain bandages (mob drops, crafting, achievement)

    Known bugs:
    Giveall has the same usage message as give.
    Sometimes healing is rounded/given out oddly? Need more data on this.

    I will be offering support, squashing bugs, and taking suggestions, if you join my Discord server and post in the "paperhealing" channel.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Xajestic
    Version: 1.0.1
    Very good plugin! love the work he did, easy to config, very good at replaying back on time! An if you're looking for a good bandage plugin to go with any type of server I recommend this one.