PAPI-CoordinateTool 1.1.0

Add-on for PlaceholderAPI which adds various placeholders for CoordinateTool

  1. vk2gpz
    CoordinateTool Placeholder

    REQUIRES PlaceholderAPI 2.2.0 or higher!

    Tested with the latest version of CoordianteTool

    This expansion adds CoordinateTool placeholders to PlaceholderAPI.

    To use this expansion, simply drop the PAPI-CoordinateTool.jar inside of the plugins/placeholderapi/expansions/ folder and use /papi reload!

    Available CoordinateTool placeholder:

    • %coordinatetool_file% (region file of the chunk you're currently standing)
    • %coordiantetool_chunk% (current chunk)
    • %coordiantetool_min_chunk% (minmum chunk)
    • %coordiantetool_max_chunk% (maximum chunk)
    • %coordiantetool_min_block% (minimum block)
    • %coordiantetool_max_block% (maximum block)
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Recent Updates

  1. synced the version.