PAPI-MineResetLite 2.2.0

Add-on for PlaceholderAPI which adds various placeholders for MineResetLite

  1. vk2gpz
    MineResetLite Placeholder

    REQUIRES PlaceholderAPI 2.2.0 or higher!

    Tested with the latest version of MineResetLite

    This expansion adds MineResetLite placeholders to PlaceholderAPI.

    To use this expansion, simply drop the PAPI-MineResetLite.jar inside of the plugins/placeholderapi/expansions/ folder and use /papi reload!

    Available MineResetLite placeholder:

    • %mineresetlite_XXX_time% (the time takes to trigger the reset of the mine XXX.)
    • %mineresetlite_XXX_time_remaining% (the time remaining until the next reset of the mine XXX.)
    • %mineresetlite_XXX_percentage% (the percentage, that will trigger the reset of the mine XXX)
    • %mineresetlite_XXX_blocks_mined% (the number of blocks mined so far in the mine XXX)
    • %mineresetlite_XXX_percentage_mined% (the percentage mined in the mine XXX
    NOTE: If you put mine's name which does not exist, this module will try to find the mine the user is currently in. For instance, you could do %mineresetlite_current_percentage_mined% to show the "percentage mined" in the mine you're currently in.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nighthawk92
    Version: 2.2.0
    Recommended plugin for MRL users to show additional information e.g. FeatherBoards