Parkour Plugin with GUI - Rewards - Full translateable - Jump and Run 1.0.6

A nice parkour plugin with some cool features | GUI | Multiple parkours | Custom rewards

  1. Ultimate Parkour - Updated Libraries

    + Updated libraries to 1.12.1
  2. Jump and Run Parkour Plugin | Added rewards configuration file

    + Added rewards
    + Fixed display bug

    You can edit or disable rewards in /UltimateParkour/rewards.yml.
    Just follow the introductions listed there.
  3. Ultimate Parkour | Improved Sound/Effect Manager

    + UltimateParkour will remember you, if sounds or effects are invalid for your spigot version.

    It will send a message to the console. Then you should edit sounds.yml or effects.yml!
  4. Jump and Run Parkour Plugin | Hotfix

    + Fixed /Parkours end command
  5. Jump and Run Parkour Plugin | Effects configuration

  6. Ultimate Parkour | Added sound configuration file for older versions.

  7. Ultimate Parkour | Bugfix

    + Fixed if you use some sort of jumpboost plugin, that this is still active, if you are in a parkour