Parkour Pro 1.0.0

★ The ultimate parkour manager ★ (Suggestions are taken and added)

  1. LimeGlass
    ParkourPro Reloaded v1.0.0
    Recoded by LimeGlass

    This resource was a remake of an old parkour skript coded by @Hydrus I have remade it with a .yml for configurations instead of a hard shell. This makes it easier to configure your items better, also this recoded version is faster and produced a 0.09 less tick lag than the original and on top of that, your data gets saved by yml aswell, no more ruined work with the updates. Your welcome, now just download it already.

    Suggest more stuff in the discussion page and I will add it.

    I will not fix or reply to any errors or suggestions that are found in the review page, as that is not the correct location to do that in.

    - Auto-updater
    - Active developer
    - Developer support
    - No lag and Lightweight (Initially from ParkourPro)
    - Easy to use
    - Coded flawlessly
    - Player timers
    - Reward system
    - 100% Customizable (Hard shell and yml)

    1. Download .zip from this page.
    2. Place Skript.jar and WildSkript.jar into your plugins folder.
    3. Restart your server.
    4. Place in your script folder at plugins/Skript/scripts
    5. You can delete all other .sk files found in that folder, as they're not needed (Unless you want them)
    6. Reload (/sk reload ParkourPro)
    7. You can now edit a yml config that should have been generated. If you would like to edit more advanced configurations, open up the skript itself with notepad++ and take a look at the first few lines, Don't go past the warning line, unless you know what you're doing. Have fun :D

    Parkour Setup:
    Main command /parkour
    1. Place a diamond block (default), then atop the diamond block, place ANY pressure plate. Then type /parkour set begin. This will be the starting point.

    2. Place an emerald block (default), then atop the emerald block, place ANY pressure plate. Then type /parkour set end. This will be the finishing point.

    3. Go to a location that you wish for players to be teleported to, once they have finished the parkour. The player will be teleported to this location. type /parkour set endtp.

    Features Coming Soon:
    - More reward options
    - Checkpoints
    - NPC (Maybe, would need citizens 2)
    - Leaderboards
    - Clickable items
    - Admin stuff
    - Send me some suggestions (Will add them here)

    WildSkript.jar (Included within the .zip)
    Skript.jar (Included within the .zip)

    Have a video on this resource? Send me a link and I will add it here

    (Adding tutorial soon if no one does xD)

Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.0.0
    can you add time count , and top time players ?
    this skript is nice