Parkour 6.5

The ultimate Parkour plugin.

  1. A5H73Y
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
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    Parkour is the original, highly customizable, powerful and fun plugin that will integrate easily into any server.
    There is no limit to how many courses / checkpoints you can create; Each can be as unique and customized as you want.

    Parkour will track your times, your deaths and display them all in a leaderboard to compare with the rest of the server!

    Each course can have its own set of 'Parkour Blocks' which adds a whole new fun experience to any course.
    Reward players after completion, and use Parkours level system to restrict certain courses to only the best Parkour players!


    • Incredibly powerful and customizable plugin
    • Create unlimited courses, with unlimited checkpoints
    • Setup is easy, will work with any server
    • Simple commands, each with their own help section
    • Fun and customisable Parkour Blocks
    • Full sign integration
    • Easy to understand and advanced configuration
    • Leaderboards to store time and deaths
    • Friendly and helpful creator
    • Extensive and helpful documentation
    • Been supported and updated since July 2012!
    • FREE!! (and always will be.)

    Installation is made incredibly easy. Simply drag and drop the plugin in to your "/plugins" folder and restart the server.
    Parkour will automatically create all the files it needs to store it's data, and will notify you of it's progress in the console on its first start up.
    There is no configuration changes required for the plugin to work, everything will be set to my default suggestion to minimize conflicts with the server.
    If you want to get the most of the plugin and fully customize it to your liking, I suggest you take some time to look at the config.yml file and amend it to best suit your server.


    This video is now very outdated with new official ones coming soon.

    There are many plugins that Parkour officially supports.
    For the list of known supported plugins and tutorials on how to set them up, click here.
    Parkour has native support for PlaceholderAPI once it detects it is installed. Each of the Parkour placeholders are found here:
    You will be able to configure the economy to charge and reward the player with any amount once they complete or join certain courses. You need a compatible Vault economy plugin installed.
    Used to add support for titles and action bar messages on older server versions.

    Need support or have a question?
    Like the plugin? Consider leaving a review. :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sandukhan
    Version: 6.5
    A good plugin with a lot of features. The only thing that i did not like is the data storage. Splitting the data in all kinds of files, while useing a mysql db at the same time makes it confusing to change thinks if needed.
  2. therbz
    Version: 6.5
    Not a complicated plugin, has a bunch of features, and support is brilliant on the discord. It does take a while to get used to the way it works, but it's fine from there on.
  3. RakutenZetsu
    Version: 6.5
    Not Overly Complicated in the slightest.
    Parkour 6.5 is a Brilliant Plugin, it is so easy to navigate the plugin using the wiki. My Server is Running paper 1.16.5 and if you want to see the plugin work join

    IP Address:

    and type /pa lobby.

    follow the Instructions on the wiki under create a course. its that simple!

    Best Parkour plugin i have used. keep up the good work!
    and Here is a small donation!! XD
  4. Outplayed106
    Version: 6.5
    Such an overly complicated plugin. Yeah it has potencial but sitting there for like and hour trying to create a course and having to do some many different commands and having to use different sections for each command is hard and gets messy when trying to navigate through the plugins commands.

    For someone who is looking for a parkour plugin I don't recomment this if your looking for something quick, because you won't find that here unfortunately.
    1. A5H73Y
      Author's Response
      Hi, sorry to hear you aren't having much fun. The plugin is incredibly powerful and customisable now and it can look daunting at first. But you can ignore the majority of the functionality and simply follow this tutorial which can create and join a Course in less than a minute:
  5. SpecifiedNull
    Version: 6.5
    Very customizable plugin. the developers are very active and improve a lot of aspects of this plugin which I love by the way! Excellent! 10/10
    I have set it up on my server and it works flawlessly. you can give it a try if you'd like to test.
  6. codergautamyt
    Version: 6.5
    Nice! I like the new player count placeholder because then I can put that on top of my parkour npc
  7. enterih
    Version: 6.4
    Updates with many bugfixes are very good! I like it and thanks for your work an time on this wonderful plugin :)
  8. TASK_K
    Version: 6.3
    The support is active
    The plugin is complete and easy to configure

    Nothing to say !
  9. janekilowski
    Version: 6.3
    Excellent plugin and a great developer who fixed all the bugs I found within two weeks.
    Would strongly recommend this plugin to anyone looking to create a parkour on their server.
  10. Kubson_19
    Version: 6.2
    Easy to config, option to change anything and included placeholders. My users spend all day doing new records, even when the parkour is not nearly the server theme