ParkourEvents - Random parkour events! 1.5

A parkour event occurs every once in a while with money rewards!

  1. WTBHinnie
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13

    Let me know on what minecraft versions this plugin works! Thanks

    I created this plugin for my own server. You can create multiple pre defined parkours, and every once in a while (you can change the interval) a new parkour event starts on a random parkour you've added. You can also add money rewards. Suggest me anything and I will add it!

    Plugin used on:

    How to install:
    Make sure you've got worldedit and vault installed on the same server. Then drag and drop the jar file into your plugins folder and restart the server.

    /pe help - shows a list of commands
    /pe join
    /pe list - shows a list of all parkours
    /pe create <name> - creates the parkour
    /pe remove <name> - removes the parkour
    /pe setstart <name> - sets the start
    /pe setend <name> - sets the end
    /pe settime <name> <seconds> - sets the time
    /pe setprice <name> <price> - sets the winning price
    /pe reload - reload the config file

    parkourevents.join - give this to everyone!
    parkourevents.block-break - break blocks in event area when event started
    parkourevents.block-place - place blocks in event area when event started
    parkourevents.stopfly-ignore - ignore force stop flying when event begins

    How to create a parkour:
    1. Build a little parkour. After that, get your worldedit wand and select the region the parkour is in. I'd suggest you make the region a little bit larger than the parkour itself. The region is used so that players will teleport back to the beginning when they fall of the parkour. Then type: /pe create <name> to create the parkour file.
    Example: /pe create test

    2. Go to the beginning block and stand on it and look in the direction you want the players to look. Then type: /pe setstart <name>
    Players will telepor to this block when the parkour begins.
    Example: /pe setstart test

    3. Go to the ending block, stand on it and type: /pe setend <name>
    When a player steps on this block the parkour will end.
    Example: /pe setend test

    4. Now type: /pe settime <name> <time in seconds>
    When no one finishes in that amount of time it will end the parkour and no one will get a reward.
    Example: /pe settime test 60

    5. Now type: /pe setprice <name> <price>
    The winning player will receive the set price.
    Example: /pe setprice test 100

    You can repeat this process to create more parkours. The plugin will automaticly pick a random parkour from your parkour list.

    Works using MVdWPlaceholderAPI. For example Featherboard uses it.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Config file:
    Code (Text):
    # ParkourEvents v1.4 by WTBHinnie
      # Interval before new parkour starts
      parkourevent-interval: 300
      # Time people have to join in seconds
      parkourevent-time-to-join: 120
      # Players needed to start an event
      players-to-start: 2
      # Players needed to join to start the event
      players-join-to-begin: 2
      # Force stop flying players
      force-stop-flying: true
      # Disable block break in parkour when parkour is running and you're participating
      disable-block-break: true
      # Disable block place in parkour when parkour is running and you're participating
      disable-block-place: true
      # Disable player damage in parkour when parkour is running and you're participating
      disable-player-damage: true
      # Disable hunger in parkour when parkour is running and you're participating
      disable-hunger: true
      # The messages speak for themselves
      parkourevent-header: "&8-=[ &a&l+&8 ]=- [ &a&lParkourEvent &8] -=[ &a&l+ &8]=-"
      parkourevent-message: "&fA new parkour event is starting! Type /pe join to join!"
      parkourevent-footer: "&8-=[ &a&l+&8 ]=- [ &a&lParkourEvent &8] -=[ &a&l+ &8]=-"
      parkourevent-minute-message: "&fThe parkour event is starting in 1 minute, use /pe join to join!"
      parkourevent-30seconds-message: "&fThe parkour event is starting in 30 seconds, use /pe join to join!"
      parkourevent-10seconds-message: "&fThe parkour event is starting in 10 seconds, use /pe join to join!"
      parkourevent-started-message: "&fThe parkour event has started!"
      parkourevent-not-enough-players-joined: "&cNot enough players joined!"
      parkourevent-countdown: "&7Parkour starting in %time% seconds!"
      parkourevent-countdown-finished: "&a&lGO!"
      parkourevent-player-won: "&f%playername% won the parkour event and received $%reward%!"
      parkourevent-no-one-finished-in-time: "&cNo one finished the parkour in time!"
      cant-break-block: "&cYou can't break blocks here!"
      cant-place-block: "&cYou can't place blocks here!"
      # These use MVdWPlaceholderAPI to work. The placeholder is: {parkour_event_time}
      # Example plugin using MVdWPlaceholderAPI: Featherboard
      parkourevent-time-remaining: "%time% seconds"
      parkourevent-already-running: "Already started!"
      parkourevent-parkour-starting: "Now, use /pe join!"
      parkourevent-not-enough-players: "Not enough players!"

    Like I said at the top, suggest me anything and I will most likely add it!
    Have fun, and remember, the reviews section is not for support!

Recent Updates

  1. Now using bStats
  2. Small counter bug fix
  3. Placeholders!