Parrot Announcer [Broadcast Repeat Messages To Players] | MySQL / PlaceholderAPI Supported 3.0.1

Use a GUI to send repeat messages, ads, announcements and more to your players!

  1. [3.0.1] May I Please Have Permission?

    Bug Fix: Permission state for Messages (Enabled/Disabled) were not saving properly, causing all Messages to have their permissions to be disabled. This is fixed.
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  2. [3.0] My-gratory Patterns

    Release 3.0
    "My-gratory Patterns"
    Summary: Support for MySQL - Backup your ParrotAnnouncer plugin folder before updating.
    • Update: Added new MySQL storage option under Settings (Stone Pickaxe button on bottom row of GUI)...
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  3. [] Malicious Imitations

    Release 2.5
    "Malicious Imitations"
    Summary: Malware checker and bug fix. See "Why did I add a malware checker" below.
    • Update: Plugin now checks if any known malicious plugins are installed on the server and alerts the admin, giving them the ability to learn more...
  4. [2.4.3] Console Error Fix

    Resolved an issue with an error being thrown in the console. Thanks for the report, @Zethrus!
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  5. [2.4.2] Another bug fix

    Yet another quick bug fix for a problem with lines being out of order after converting to the new storage system using version 2.4 and 2.4.1.

    This should be the last one for today.
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  6. [2.4.1] Bug Fix

    Quick bug fix relating to the storage converter introduced in version 2.4.
  7. [2.4] Getting Warmer

    Release 2.4
    "Getting Warmer"
    Summary: Make a backup of your messages in the plugin folder before upgrading, just in case. Behind the scenes changes and cleanup
    • Update: Rewritten storage...
  8. [2.3] Freshened Up

    Release 2.3
    "Freshened Up"
    Summary: GUI update and bug fixes
    • Update: Completely rewrote the GUI core code to prepare for future updates and give us a little more flexibility for new features.
    • Bug Fixes:...
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  9. Bug Fix

    • Bug: Fixed an issue where Messages that were a part of a Set that get deleted would throw an error.
    Shout-out to @SlipperySpelunky on reviewing the plugin in a recent video!

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  10. Cleaner

    Delete your StyleFile.yml
    • Fix: Internal GUI Upgrades
    • New: More Userfriendly StyleFile.yml
    Next Update: Randomize Message Sets
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