Parrot Announcer [Broadcast Repeat Messages To Players] | PlaceholderAPI Supported 2.2

Use a GUI to send repeat messages, ads, announcements and more to your players!

  1. stifflered
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    stifflered, TechsCode

    Using Parrot Announcer:

    Parrot Announcer Features:

    • Broadcast chat messages to your players auto-magically on repeat at set intervals (or use a command from chat or console)
    • GUI for managing your messages and schedules
    • Add single-line or multi-line messages to send on an individual schedule or as part of a schedule Set of messages
    • Set a time that the message will repeat and watch the countdown timer in the GUI
    • Support for colored text
    • Search through your messages to find a specific one to edit
    • Use Placeholders in your messages with PlaceholderAPI
    • Enable permissions on a per-message basis and set which users/groups receive each message.
    • Center the text of individual lines in a message.
    • Broadcast your messages any time you want with the click of a button or a command (via console or in chat).
    • Enable sound effects which will play whenever a message is sent.
    • Emitir mensajes a tus jugadores automaticamente repitido en intervalos
    • GUI para administrar tus mensajes y horarios
    • Agregar mensajes que tienen nomas una linea o muchas mas lineas en el chat
    • Cambiar cuanto se tarda pare que repite el mensaje en el chat y tambien ver cuanto falta para que se repite en el GUI
    • Soporte para texto de color
    • Buscar a traves de tus mensajes para encontrar uno especifico para editar
    • Usa Placeholders en tus mensajes con PlaceholderAPI
    • Permitir permisos por mensaje y poner cuales grupos/usarios reciben cada mensaje
    • Centrar el texto de lineas particulares en un mensaje
    • Emitir tus mensajes cualquiera tiempo que querias con un clic de boton
    • Permitir effectos de sonido que se reproduciran cuando un mensaje se envie
    Thanks to SlipperySpelunky for this translation!

    • Invia messaggi in chat ai tuoi giocatori e ripetili ad intervalli regolari automaticamente.
    • GUI per la gestione dei messaggi e ogni quanto un messaggio deve essere inviato
    • Aggiungi messaggi con una sola linea o a più linee nella chat
    • Imposta un tempo dopo il quale il messaggio verrà ripetuto e guarda il timer del conto alla rovescia nella GUI
    • Supporta il testo colorado
    • Cerca attraverso i tuoi messaggi per trovare una linea specifica da modificare
    • Usa Placeholders nei tuoi messaggi con PlaceholderAPI
    • Abilità permessi per ogni messaggio e imposta quali utenti/gruppi lo devono ricevere
    • Centra il testo per ogni singola linea del messaggio
    • Invia il tuo messaggio quando vuoi te premendo un pulsante
    • Abilità degli effetti sonori che verranno riprodotti ogni volta che viene inviato un messaggio

    Thanks to GABRYCA for this translation!

    Ideas for Use:
    • Make sure all of your players know about upcoming events by repeating announcement messages throughout the day
    • Display an ad in game to monetize your server [EULA friendly]
    • Send your players a message before your daily server restart
    • Remind players about new products you've added to your server's store
    • Send leaderboard updates to your players using placeholders
    • Announce the most recent donations that have come through your website

    Admin Commands:
    • /announcer
      (launches the GUI for managing messages)
    • /announcer <message ID> <reset>
      (sends a message with a specific ID - if you type "reset" at the end, which is optional, it will restart the scheduler back to the time you set for that message)
    Managing Messages:

    Once you've used the admin command to open the GUI, you'll see all of your existing messages listed across the top in alphabetical order.

    To create a new message, click the anvil in the bottom right corner of the GUI. You'll see a new title appear on your screen telling you to type your message into chat.

    Use Minecraft color codes and placeholders to add some flavor to your message.


    Once you've typed in the message, you'll see a new GUI menu for setting the interval at which your message will be repeated. You can use the right or left buttons to add/subtract seconds, minutes, hours, and days from the total time.

    To add more lines to your message, type /announcer again and click on the Message that you just created. In the top left corner you will see a piece of paper called Lines. Click that to view and manage the Lines.

    From the Message Settings view, you can also change the Delay of a Message, send it instantly to all players with the appropriate permission, and delete the Message permanently.


    To Center A Line:
    Hover over the Line that you want to center and click "Q".


    • announcer.admin - for /announcer command use
    • Each message can have a unique permission enabled:
    By default, permissions are disabled on messages so that all players receive all of the messages.

    While in the Message Settings GUI, click on the comparator in the bottom-left corner to enable the Permission for that message.


    Only players/groups with that permission will see the corresponding message from that point on.
    Looking for a permissions manager? Check out UltraPermissions by TechsCode.


    Change the Command or add a Command Alias in the Commands.yml file:

    Code (Text):
      command: announcer
      enabled: true
      permission: announcer.admin
      aliases: []

    Want to change up the text and look of the GUI and commands? Look in the StyleFile

    Code (Text):

    # All Settings will be autogenerated after the first usage of the according GUI / Item etc..
    Prefix: §9Parrot Announcer>
        Title: Parrot Announcer v{Version}
        Slots: 54
            Material: '339:0'
            Title: '{Message}'
            Amount: 1
            - §bClick §7to open
            - ''
            - '§7Id: §e{Id}'
            - '§7Permission: §c{Permission}'
            - '§7Schedule: §e{Delay}'
            - ''
            - '§7Next announcement in:'
            - §c{Time}
            Material: '339:0'
            Title: '§a§l~§7§l~3~Messages:'
            Amount: 1
            - ''
            - §bClick §7to open
            - ''
            - '§7Permission: §c{Permission}'
            - '§7Schedule: §e{Delay}'
            - ''
            - '§7Next message in:'
            - §c{Time}
            Material: '145:0'
            Title: §b§lƒ30ƒ§f§lƒ5ƒAdd
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 53
            - §7Click to add message
            Material: '274:0'
            Title: §b§lƒ30ƒ§f§lƒ5ƒSettings
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 50
            - §7Click to open the Settings
        Title: Message > Edit
        Slots: 45
            Material: '339:0'
            Title: §b~§f~2~Lines
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 12
            - §7Click to edit lines
            - ''
            - '§7Lines:'
            Material: '347:0'
            Title: §b~§f~2~Schedule
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 16
            - §7Click to edit repeating schedule
            - ''
            - '§7Schedule: §e{Delay}'
            Material: '404:0'
            Title: §b~§f~2~Permission
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 30
            - §7Click to {Toggle} permission
            - ''
            - '§7Permission: §e{Permission}'
            Material: '152:0'
            Title: §c~§f~2~Delete
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 34
            - §7Click to §cdelete §7this Message
            - ''
            - §7This action is §cpermanent
            Material: '401:0'
            Title: §6ƒ2ƒ§fƒ2ƒSend Manually
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 23
            - §7Click to send this message
        Title: Not Editable
        Slots: 54
            Material: '77:0'
            Title: §a§l~§f§l~3~Add {Time}
            Amount: 1
            - §7Click to add one {Time}
            Material: '143:0'
            Title: §c§l~§f§l~3~Remove {Time}
            Amount: 1
            - §7Click to remove one {Time}
            Material: '133:0'
            Title: §a§l~§f§l~3~Confirm
            Amount: 1
            Slot: 23
            - §7Click to confirm
          Material: '345:0'
          Title: §b§lƒ30ƒ§f§lƒ5ƒSearch
          Amount: 1
          - §7Click to search
          Material: '323:0'
          Title: §b§lƒ30ƒ§f§lƒ5ƒBack
          Amount: 1
          - §7Click to go back


    Planned Features:

    Here are a few features I hope to release in the near future:
    • PlaceholderAPI support - Added in version 1.1!
    • Permissions system allowing you to set messages to only send to specific groups or users. - Added in version 1.2!
    • Center your text on individual lines - Added in version 1.5!
    • Send Messages Manually - Added in version 1.7!
    • Create message "sets" which will be cycled through in order - Added in version 1.20!
    • Support for sending messages in specific worlds only
    • Support for MVdWPlaceholderAPI
    • Set the initial date/time that a message will begin sending
    • Set the final date/time that a message will stop sending


    Join Our Discord Server!

    For support, use the Discussions tab on this resource. I will reply back there. You can also leave feedback on feature requests or changes that you'd like to see in the future.

    Shout-out to TechsCode for his help with this plugin (check out his other plugins, here) and THANK YOU for your support and reviews! If you'd like to see faster progress on feature updates in this plugin, why not show it by buying me a coffee? :D

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Recent Reviews

  1. BoomBQ
    Version: 2.2
    Best plugin for announments out there worked like a charm. Very simple and easy to use too.
  2. Harvz
    Version: 2.1
    Thanks so much for making this plugin and allowing us to use it for free! This is way better than all the other premium announcers out there and this is just what I needed TYSM! Highly recommend using this to all server owners.
  3. we67iop
    Version: 1.20
    Would it be possible to broadcast to specific players if a placeholderAPI condition = true?

    For instance only showing players a message if they have a certain kit available.
    1. stifflered
      Author's Response
      Supporting a lot of different plugins to create a decent check like that would be out of the scope of this project. What you could do is use a plugin that can add events to different commands (like CMI, Hydra, or Conditional Commands) which runs a command with whatever permission plugin you're using to give the player the permission to see each individual message.

      For example, I have a command built with Hydra that teleports a player to a build arena. When they use that command, it removes the Parrot Announcer permissions to see certain Messages, and when they use a different command to TP back home Hydra adds those permissions back to their account.

      Another example would be to use Craftbook's (or similar plugin's) "Command Items" which runs the command to add/remove the Parrot Announcer permissions when a player picks up or uses a specific item.

      There are lots of options out there using other plugins, so I probably won't be adding that functionality into Parrot Announcer.

      Thanks for the positive review!
  4. tucaofeng
    Version: 1.20
    FANTASTIC.May i have the plugin reposted on Chinese Forum,Of course i will make your name on the page including the donation link.
  5. PurrfectMistake_
    Version: 1.19
    Great plugin! Although, I did have a problem with centering my message with bold text - also, please add the randomized messages that @Dibz82 suggested in the review below. Overall its a great plugin!
    1. stifflered
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Could you message me about the bold text issue?

      I've added the Message Sets feature in version 1.20, and will add an option to randomly select a Message from the Set in a near-future update. Right now it selects them in sequential order. Hope that helps!
  6. Dibz82
    Version: 1.18
    I love this plugin and cannot wait until messages can be randomised. Once thats in, 5 stars for sure!
    1. stifflered
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I've added the Message Sets feature in version 1.20, and will add an option to randomly select a Message from the Set in a near-future update. Right now it selects them in sequential order. Hope that helps!
  7. Mecha_YT
    Version: 1.16
    Excelente actualizacion, Te felicito sigue asi, ahora solo falta que coloques traducciones a otros idiomas. Pero en general ese complemento es excelente. Tambien invito a los usuarios a mi servidor Ip: Les gustara.
    Adios y Muchas Gracias.
  8. Gianluca
    Version: 1.16
    Really great plugin! The amount of effort put in is amazing, shows there are still some fantastic developers in this community that are in it for the community <3

    Plugin works great and is probably the best announcer plugin out there
    1. stifflered
      Author's Response
      Thanks for such a brilliant review! There are definitely a few of us out here building plugins that help server owners succeed. Glad to be named as a community-lover. :)
  9. Papercraft
    Version: 1.15
    10/10 THE BEST ANNOUNCER PLUGIN I'VE EVER COME ACROSS. 100% hands down blow away by what you can do with this plugin. I absolutely want to see more come from this Author cause he hasn't made a whole lot of plugins. Thank you for blessing us with this amazing announcer plugin
    1. stifflered
      Author's Response
      Awesome review, thank you! Very encouraging. I'll keep building as long as you guys like the result. :)
  10. Addfire9
    Version: 1.12
    Simply amazing. A modern, super intuitive way of managing and creating announcements. The only feature it lacks for me is "sets" which would be extremely helpful for me to just make a list of broadcast and have them cycle through each other. Keep up the great work!
    1. stifflered
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the great review! I'll be sure to add message sets in the future. :)