Parrot Announcer [Broadcast Repeat Messages To Players] | PlaceholderAPI Supported 2.2

Use a GUI to send repeat messages, ads, announcements and more to your players!

  1. Bug Fix

    • Bug: Fixed an issue where Messages that were a part of a Set that get deleted would throw an error.
    Shout-out to @SlipperySpelunky on reviewing the plugin in a recent video!

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  2. Cleaner

    Delete your StyleFile.yml
    • Fix: Internal GUI Upgrades
    • New: More Userfriendly StyleFile.yml
    Next Update: Randomize Message Sets
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  3. 500 Downloads! (+ 1.13.1 compatibility)

    Thank you for 500 Downloads!
    A small token of appreciation awaits you when you install this update.

    Please delete your StyleFile.yml before updating the plugin.
    • Spigot Compatibility Layer dropped
    • Full 1.13.1 Support
    Next Update: Randomize Message Sets
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  4. Set Me Up!

    • New: You can now create and manage Message Sets, which allow grouping different Messages together in a single schedule.
      • Example: Add three individual Messages to a single Set with a schedule of 3 hours, and watch as those Messages are displayed, one after another, every 3 hours. Message 1 can send at 1:00, Message 2 can send at 4:00, and Message 3 can send at 7:00....
  5. Lag Be Gone

    • Bug fix to remove some potential lag issues.
    Next Update: Message Sets!
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  6. Update for the Aquatic

    • Fix: Various bugs squashed.
    • New: Support for 1.13
  7. Sounds Like Tweet Spirit

    • New: Select sound effects for individual messages when they are delivered.
    • Change: Settings will now allow you to set the default Sound Effect to play for all future-created Messages
    It is recommended to delete your StyleFile.yml before upgrading.
    parrot announcer sound effects.PNG
  8. Commander Console

    • New: Send the /announcer <id> <reset> command from the Console
    You can use this to send messages when a player purchases an item from your store, when a new player joins your server, or any other triggering event from third-party plugins that allow you to send additional commands (like Hydra).
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  9. Send with Command

    • New: Send a message using a command via chat.
      • /announcer <message-id> <reset>
      • Type "reset" at the end for the option to restart the schedule for that message back to the full length.
    • New: View the Message ID in the lore for the Message
    • New: Added Italian translation to the plugin description. Thanks, GABRYCA!

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  10. Words, words, words....

    • Minor update changing some of the text in the GUI to clarify the features.
    Please DELETE your StyleFile.yml to see these changes take effect.
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