ParrotGlue 2.1

Make Parrots stick to your shoulders in 1.13!

  1. 2.1: Updated to 1.13 (and dropped support for <=1.12.2)

    This plugin is no longer compatible with 1.12.2 and below, Use v1.3.2 for 1.12.X versions.

    • Updated to support 1.13+
    • Added new config option "releaseParrots.swim" (default: true) which enables releasing parrots when a player starts to swim (not just float in water). Otherwise, the parrot will still be released when the player takes suffocation damage in water if "releaseParrots.damage" is true.
  2. v1.3.2: Fix permissions for /releaseparrots command

    • Fixes permission nodes for the /releaseparrots command
  3. V1.3.1: Harmless bug fix

    • Fixes NPE when player changes world
  4. v1.3: Added /releaseparrots command, new config options for entering a bed and flight.

    • /releaseparrots [playerName]: Releases parrots on command sender's shoulders. If a player name is specified, will release the specified player's parrots.
    New config options
    • releaseParrots.flight: Release a player's parrots when flying (default: true) (this is a "fix" for parrot(s) being invisible on a player who is, or has previously, been flying with the parrot(s) on their shoulder(s))
    • releaseParrots.bed.enter: Release a player's...
  5. v1.2.1: Fixes parrots being released in new world when using changeworld option

    • Added config options for releasing parrots before teleport
    • releaseParrots.teleport.sameworld: release parrots before teleporting to a location in the current world (default: false)
    • releaseParrots.teleport.netherportal: release parrots before travelling via a nether portal (default: false) (This can be a little iffy, as parrots can be released into the nether portal and sent with you to the new world.)
    • releaseParrots.teleport.changeworld: release...
  6. v1.2: release parrots on world change

    • new config option to leave parrots behind when switching worlds: releaseParrots.worldchange (defaults to false).
  7. v1.1: Release Parrots on Player Damage

    • Parrots will now fly from your shoulders when you take damage
    • Adjusted fall velocity to make minor allowances for players running down hills. Players walking off 3 high walls will not lose their parrots, players running off 3 high walls might.
  8. Version 1.0 for the release of 1.12

    This is the first update built against the 1.12 spigot release API.

    This update brings a few more opportunities for parrots to fall off, and a config file to enable/disable them as you see fit.

    • Parrots will now fall off a player's shoulders if they fall too quickly (typically after 2.5+blocks)
    • Parrots will now fall off a payer's shoulders if they are gliding and angle down slightly; gravity at work!
    • Parrots will now be removed from a player's shoulders on death (oops)...
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  9. v0.3

    • Raised parrot height; Now they fall off your shoulders, not your feet!
    • new permission node: "parrotglue.enabled" (default: true); if true, player will have parrot glue on their shoulders, helping parrots to stick better. For vanilla behaviour, this permission node should be false for the player.