ParrotGlue 2.3

Make Parrots stick to your shoulders in 1.12, 1.13 & 1.14+!

  1. 2.3: Now supports 1.12.X, 1.13.X and 1.14+!

    ParrotGlue now supports all Minecraft versions from 1.12 through to 1.14.X.
    • Added support for Versions prior to 1.14.x.
    • Supports 1.12.X, 1.13.X and 1.14.X.
    Some features are not available in earlier versions of Minecraft; Parrots will not be released when riptiding in Minecraft 1.13.X.

    If you appreciate the work that goes into this free plugin, please consider checking out my other plugin GlowUp.
  2. 2.2: 1.14, Riptide, Sneaking Under Blocks & Crawling

    This version is only compatible with 1.14 and above. For 1.13.x, please use version 2.1.

    • Added new config option "releaseParrots.spinattack" (default: true) which enables releasing parrots when performing the riptide spin_attack animation. Parrots are released after a short delay to minimise the chance they'll be hit and killed, thus stopping the player due to the collision.
    • Added new config option "releaseParrots.crawl" (default: true) which enables releasing parrots when the...
  3. 1.14 Compatible!

    ParrotGlue has been tested and confirmed working on Spigot 1.14!

    ParrotGlue v2.1 works across all 1.13.x and 1.14 versions.
  4. 2.1: Updated to 1.13 (and dropped support for <=1.12.2)

    This plugin is no longer compatible with 1.12.2 and below, Use v1.3.2 for 1.12.X versions.

    • Updated to support 1.13+
    • Added new config option "releaseParrots.swim" (default: true) which enables releasing parrots when a player starts to swim (not just float in water). Otherwise, the parrot will still be released when the player takes suffocation damage in water if "releaseParrots.damage" is true.
  5. v1.3.2: Fix permissions for /releaseparrots command

    • Fixes permission nodes for the /releaseparrots command
  6. V1.3.1: Harmless bug fix

    • Fixes NPE when player changes world
  7. v1.3: Added /releaseparrots command, new config options for entering a bed and flight.

    • /releaseparrots [playerName]: Releases parrots on command sender's shoulders. If a player name is specified, will release the specified player's parrots.
    New config options
    • releaseParrots.flight: Release a player's parrots when flying (default: true) (this is a "fix" for parrot(s) being invisible on a player who is, or has previously, been flying with the parrot(s) on their shoulder(s))
    • releaseParrots.bed.enter: Release a player's...
  8. v1.2.1: Fixes parrots being released in new world when using changeworld option

    • Added config options for releasing parrots before teleport
    • releaseParrots.teleport.sameworld: release parrots before teleporting to a location in the current world (default: false)
    • releaseParrots.teleport.netherportal: release parrots before travelling via a nether portal (default: false) (This can be a little iffy, as parrots can be released into the nether portal and sent with you to the new world.)
    • releaseParrots.teleport.changeworld: release...
  9. v1.2: release parrots on world change

    • new config option to leave parrots behind when switching worlds: releaseParrots.worldchange (defaults to false).
  10. v1.1: Release Parrots on Player Damage

    • Parrots will now fly from your shoulders when you take damage
    • Adjusted fall velocity to make minor allowances for players running down hills. Players walking off 3 high walls will not lose their parrots, players running off 3 high walls might.