Party and Friends For Bungeecord 1.0.80

Easy to use Party and friends Plugin for Bungeecord [All languages]

  1. Added pages for /friend list and many other enhancements

    • Added pages for /friend list
      • How many friends are listed per page (10 by default) can be customized inside the config.yml under "Commands.Friends.SubCommands.List.EntriesPerPage"
    • Messages.yml:
      • The language which is set under "General.Language" will be used as template for the messages.yml
      • Made it more clear that "General.UseOwnLanguageFile" needs to be activated in the config to use the messages.yml
    • Java 7 is not supported anymore. It is not updated anymore by oracle, it is a security risk for everybody using it, it is also not anymore supported by spigot/bukkit/minecraft and some future features of Party and Friends are only possible with Java 8/9. If anybody needs help installing Java 8/9 I will help him if he asks me too (Look in the description under Support to find out how to contact me).
    • Fixed problems with some MySQL server side settings
    • Fixed that if the MySQL password was only
      consisting of numbers and was not formatted properly it was not recognized
    • Fixed a language mistake in the config
    • Added some api methods
    • A person who joins a party is now automaticly joing the server of the leader, when he joins the party (can be disabled under "Commands.Party.SubCommands.Join.AutoJoinLeaderServer")
    • If an error happens while booting up the plugin the user will be informed via pm as soon as he joins the server (till now only for a few errors but in the future for more)
    • Fixed a wrong text output
    • Faster checking if an update of the plugin exists
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