Party and Friends For Bungeecord 1.0.80

Easy to use Party and friends Plugin for Bungeecord [All languages]

  1. Added custom display names for servers

    • Enhanced the performance of /friend list drastically for people with many friends
    • Fixed a few language mistakes thanks to @TheRealMrWicked
    • Fixed a problem concerning loading color format code combinations in certain messages from the messages.yml
    • Improved managing of max players per party
      • You are now able to set permissions which add more party slots to the default max size
      • Changed the location of the party max settings to...
  2. Added new config options

    • Added the new config option "General.SendFriendRequestNotificationOnJoin"
  3. Added PAF Admin command + bug fixes

    • Added the PAF Admin command
      • It can only be accessed from the console
      • It is disabled by default and needs to be activated by setting "Commands.PAFAdmin.Enabled" to true in the config.yml
  4. Added new config options + bug fixes

    • Fixed sending the wrong error message when using /friend msg and only providing the player name but no message
    • Fixed a compatibility problem with one extension
    • Added an option to disable player data caching
  5. Added new api methods for extensions

    • Added new api methods for extensions
  6. Added new api methods for extensions

    • Added new api methods for extensions
      • These will be needed for all future extensions
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  7. Updated libaries for enhanced performance

    • The libary c3p0 (used for managing MySQL connections) was updated which enhances the performance of the plugin
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  8. Better Performance + Updated library to fix vulnerability

    • Updated the included library c3p0 to fix a security vulnerability
      • Duo to how the library was used in party and friends it is only possible to use this vulnerability if the person has access to the files on the bungeecord
    • Performance optimizations in general, if "General.MultiCoreEnhancement" is activated (By default activated)
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  9. Using ServerConnector for all server joins

    • Using ServerConnector for all server joins
  10. Added features from the extended version

    • Added a config option to disable the sending of the is now online message when somebody accepts a friend request
    • Added an option "friend removed you" message
    • Only subcommands of friends will be listed from now on, when you have the permission to execute them (or if they don't require a permission)
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