Party Room [1.8-1.12.2, 1.15] 3.51

An alternate way to host player-run drop parties!

  1. Explodncheez
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    Another way to host Drop Parties!
    Create Party Chests with a simple command!
    Players can then deposit items into the chests. Then, if a nearby lever is pulled, a Balloon Drop will commence! Each balloon popped will have a chance of containing items from the Party Chest (chance is directly related to how full the chest is).
    Deposited items cannot be taken back out, and if Vault is installed with an Economy plugin, a Cost can be required every time you pull the lever.

    Based on Runescape's Falador Party Room.

    Planned Features
    • Add support for Bungee
    • Add GUIs for global and individual chest blacklists
    • Add possibility for Item cost instead of money cost
    • Add configuration for all in-game messages
    • Add a "name" option for each chest, allow that variable to be used in configuration messages
    • Add a /proom view [name] command that views the contents of a drop party
    • Add an option to make nonstackable items stack when deposited
    • Add a command to clear a specified party chest

    • Easy way to create player-run Drop Parties!
    • Fully automatic - no resetting required!
    • Players supply the items and can drop by themselves!
    • Can drop balloons in radius around the chest (Default), or WorldGuard Region (Requires WorldGuard... duh)!
    • Configurable balloon blocks!
    • Configurable announcement messages and delay!
    • Optional cost per lever pull! (Requires Vault)
    • Optional delay between lever pull and drop party!
    • Blacklist system to prevent certain items or items with certain names from being deposited!
    • Very easy to use! If you don't like configs, there's an ingame GUI to set up Party Chests as well!

    Getting Started
    To install: Drag and drop into plugin folder. Then restart your server!
    To create a Party Chest: Look at any Single Chest and use the command /proom create. This does not work with Double Chests, sorry.

    You can then customize that chest by sneaking and right clicking it (remember to /proom save afterwards)!
    Alternatively, you can edit the config directly and use /proom reload to put those config changes into effect!

    Remember to put a Lever within 1 block of the Chest! (The Lever is what starts the Drop Party)

    Default Configuration Explained

    • /proom help - show basic information about the plugin.
    • /proom commands - basically shows this section, ingame.
    • /proom permissions - shows a list of permissions.
    • /proom view [name] - views a real-time updating GUI of the contents of the specified Party Chest, but does not allow interaction in any way.
    • /proom create - create a Party Chest on the SINGLE CHEST you are looking at.
    • /proom remove - remove the Party Chest you are looking at. Does not clear the chest's items.
    • /proom stop - instantly stops the drop party of the Party Chest you are looking at.
    • /proom start - instantly starts the drop party of the Party Chest you are looking at.
    • /proom clear [name] - clears all items from the Party Chest with the specified name.
    • /proom debug - activates Debug Mode, which spams the console with some moderately useful info.
    • /proom reload - reloads Party Chests from Config.
    • /proom save - saves GUI-edited Party Chests to Config.

    • partyroom.create - allows creation/deletion/editing/clearing of Party Chests. Default: Op
    • partyroom.commands - allows usage of /proom commands. Default: Op
    • partyroom.withdraw - allows withdrawing from Party Chests. Default: Op
    • partyroom.bypass - allows bypassing of all item blacklists. Default: Op
    • - allows usage of /proom help, Default: Everyone
    • partyroom.pull - allows pulling of Party Chest levers. Default: Everyone
    • partyroom.deposit - allows depositing of items into Party Chests. Default: Everyone
    • partyroom.view - allows viewing of Party Chests with /proom view. Default: Everyone

    Common Sense do-not-do's:

    • Put two Party Chests next to each other
    • Give everyone permission to create Party Chests
    • Set Party Balloon block to a technical block (like wheat)

    • NOTE: If using Region-Mode with WorldGuard, the Region is the AREA IN WHICH BALLOONS DROP, so it is not advised to "expand vert" or extend the region into the ground/ceiling!

    Config problems should leave a nice guide in the Console. For other errors, please post something in the comments or something!


    Found a bug? Got a feature request or suggestion?
    Please leave a comment or shoot me a PM! :D


    This is my first publicly-released plugin, so please be sure to tell me if I've done something horribly nooby! :D

    View the Source Code on GitHub.

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Recent Reviews

  1. nate9790
    Version: 3.51
    Love this plugin! Doesn't seem to work for 1.16.5, hopefully gets updated in future!
  2. Faceguy
    Version: 3.51
    I will never not love this plugin. Been using it for over 3 years now, great developer, fun plugin. :D
  3. Magnum97
    Version: 3.41
    I introduced this today and my players LOVE it. I do because of nostalgia (old Runescape player) but it makes drop party much more interesting and fair. I am trying to figure out how to configure if/how items stack but that is my only complaint. I love the radius or region setting for party rooms.
    Version: 3.40
    Great plugin works well, But I cant save files in 1.12.2, The config doesn't change. Also the GUI you can only enable and nothing else can be toggled.
  5. ManiacBuilder
    Version: 3.40
    5 stars for runescape theme alone and the plugin works great for me on 1.12+, nice creation thanks for making it!
  6. HorizontalJon
    Version: 3.40
    Fantastic. Does what it's meant to do. No problems. Can't wait to see what my community thinks of this...
    1. Explodncheez
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the review! Please don't hesitate to let me know if you run into problems!
  7. iLeakedInfoV2
    Version: 3.23
  8. Faceguy
    Version: 3.21
    Still the best party room plugin, love the little sounds, the cakes, the developer support. 10/10 dank memerinos
    1. Explodncheez
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the review! Your help in identifying bugs and suggestions has been nothing short of amazing!
  9. undersquire
    Version: 3.1
    Its not working for me. When i use the /proom command it dos nothing.
    Plz fix otherwise great plugin :( :) :)
    1. Explodncheez
      Author's Response
      That is supposed to happen. If you give the command no arguments, it will, obviously, do nothing as you haven't told it to do anything. You can find a list of subcommands above in the project description. In the future, please do note that the Review section is NOT for troubleshooting - leave a comment or PM instead.
  10. jpwkar
    Version: 3.01
    This plugin has functioned flawlessly so far. It provides an entertaining way for people to get items from other players or from the administration. This plugin is very user friendly and very customizable. Highly recommended
    1. Explodncheez
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the review!!
      Your most recent feature request will definitely be added in future builds. In the meantime, if you do find any bugs or have other suggestions, please let me know!