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Party 1.1

Travel Through Your Servers Easily With Friends

  1. Shadows_Insanity
    Features :
    1. Create a party
    2. Disband a party
    3. invite members to your party
    4. list The members in your party
    5. kick members out of your party
    6. Travel Through Servers By just creating a party
    Just Drag This To Your BungeeCord Plugin Folder

    /party: Lists All the Available Commands
    /party create: Creates a Party For u
    /party invite <name> : Invite members to Your Party
    /party list : Lists all the Members on ur Party
    /party leave : Leave a Party Or Disband your Own party
    /party join <playersname> : Join a party
    /party kick <playersname> : Kick a player from your party

    Permissions :
    None for now , Guys am srry but Am Busy Coding 4 plugins at 1 time .

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Some Bugs

Recent Reviews

  1. JugadorNinja
    Version: 1.1
    this doesnt even load on our server, could yyou possible fix it plz. thanks for reading i hope you do :D
  2. WinterGuardian
    Version: 1.1
    Great ressource, working and all done by yourself. I greatly encourage you to do other resources like this.
  3. Jayzon500YT
    Version: 1.1
    Me GUsto mucho XD