PartyChat 1.0

Light weight Party Chat plugin. (1.8)

  1. OstrichMann


    A simple plugin that allows players to create parties. Parties are basically private chat rooms. (Parties do not save across reboot, they are more of temporary)

    All of the party commands currently use the permission node partychat.normal
    • /party - Lists the party commands.
    • /party add [player] - Adds a player to your party.
    • /party leave - Leaves your current party.
    • /party create - Creates a party for you.
    • /party disband - Disbands your current party.
    • /party remove [player] - Removes a player from your party.
    • /party info - Lists information about your current party.
    • /partychat - Toggles party chat. Alias: /pc
    • /accept - Accepts party requests.
    • /deny - Denies party requests.