PartyGames 0.5

Many little minigames combined together in one game

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    • 1.15
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    This plugin combines 7 minigames (more coming soon) in one plugin. The map of the game is like an usual board game. You get a dice and the one player, who reaches the goal first, is the winner. But between every round there is a little minigame. If you win one of those minigames, you are allowed to roll the dice twice, which of course gives you an advantage. So far there are 6 minigames:


    In this minigame you have to drop down into a water puddle at the bottom of the map. On your way down you have to avoid obstacles in order to not die due to fall damage.

    Jump and run

    In this minigame you have to jump through a course all the way to the goal. You can add checkpoints to make the journey for the players not to hard.


    In this minigame a speed effect is added to all players. With this effect the players now have to make their way to the goal faster than the other players.


    In this minigame you spawn on a platform made out of snow with a shovel. Your goal is to break the snow blocks under a player to make him fall into his death.


    Be the last man standing to win.


    Kill a player with every item you get in order to win.

    Knock it

    Knock every enemy off the platform to win.

    Setup guide: Just issue the command /setup and the plugin will guide you through the process

    Good to know: - The build command allows you to build during a game
    - Other than dropper and jump and run the players spawn in a cage in the walkingrace gamemode

    Permissions: - PartyGames.joinsetup; Join the server during the setup
    -; issue the build command


    Q: How does this game even work:

    A : This plugin is inspired by MarioParty. You have a main field, on which you have to advance to the goal. But there are little minigames in between the rounds. Whoever wins a minigame is allowed to roll the dice twice instead of once. First one to reach the goal wins the game.

    Q: Why do the players spawn in a cage at walkingrace, while they are spawning in one spot at other minigames?

    A: That's because it allows the players to sprint against the fence or whatever material you build your cage out of, which guarantees a fair and lag free start.

    Q: Why are there only four minigames:

    A: No worries: More minigames are currently in work. But I wanted to publish the plugin without running into many bugs because of minigames not doing their jobs. My goal is to make at least 6 more minigames for this plugin. Maybe some more ;)

    Q: What is meant by "spectator box" in the setup:

    A: "Spectator box" means the box in which spectators are allowed. Spectating players cannot go out of that box in order to hide any other builds in this world from them. Not only the X and Z coordinates, but also the Y coordinates are part of this box, so please make sure, that you do not put your spectator spawn outside the box, f. E. to high

    Q: May I use this plugin on a commercial server?

    A: Yes you may, but please make it clear for the players, that not you are the author of this plugin by mentioning my name in any way.

    Note: This plugin is in a very early stage of development. If you can find a bug or anything, that does not work right, please do not hesitate to send me a message and I will do my best to fix it. If you like this plugin or you have suggestions to make it better, please leave a review in the section below. The plugin was a lot of work, so if you like it, sharing it with friends or leaving a positive comment, would be a great way of supporting me.

    Coming soon: - Custom permissions
    - more minigames
    - Setup gui
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