PartyGames 0.5

Many little minigames combined together in one game

  1. Added knockit + Setup bug fixed

    Knockit is now coming to PartyGames. Knock your opponents of the platform in order to win this minigame. If you are updatding from an older version, run the command /setup again and then go on with /knockitsetup

    The bug with the setup ending, although there are more minigames to set up, which could be avoided by rejoining the server after the bug occured, is now fixed.
  2. New gamemode! Gungame is now available + Compass for players during no minigame + ffa spectator fix

    Gungame is coming to PartyGames. If you are updating from and older version please make sure to run through the /setup command again (The plugin should tell you this automatically, but just in case).
    Players can now see an overview of the players during the board phase of the game by using a new compass.
    A bug letting the plugin crash, if spectators join during ffa is fixed.

    If you find any bug, please make sure to send me a message and I will do my best to fix it.
  3. New gamemode! FFA is coming to PartyGames today

    I have added a new gamemode to the plugin. If you are upgrading from and older version, you have to redo the /setup command and select if you want to activate ffa or not. Another option is to put ffa=false into the Config.yml.
    Hope you enjoy the update. Please leave a review to give me an impression of the update and the overall plugin.
  4. Added spectator mode + dropper damage fix

    The second version of the plugin finally includes a spectator mode. More than that an occuring bug of people JUMPING into the dropper map and taking damage while being teleported to the next map has been fixed. Coming up: More minigames including GunGame!
    Please consider leaving a review, as it helps me to identify weaknesses of the plugin and I will do my best do get rid of them.
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