PartyVotes 1.8

A free VoteParty alternative made in skript.

  1. BigDrewBurt
    PartyVotes is a script dedicated to getting you more votes, on your server. PartyVotes is a FREE alternative to VoteParty! PartyVotes was made in script and allows for the user to edit the code and easily add more features if they would like. PartyVotes has a built in sign system, that allows users to view how many votes they need to get without having to type a command.​
    • Allow admins to choose rewards
    • Configure how many votes it requires to have a party
    • 100% configurable messages
    • Sign system
    • Easy to understand commands
    • Easily edit all parts of the script
    • /partyvotes - Display how many votes are needed for a party.
    • /partyvotes admin start - Manually start a party.
    • /partyvotes addvote - Add a vote to your party.
    Code (Text):
    [CENTER]# 1. Make sure to have a vote listener like galistener.
    # 2. Add "/addvote" to your commands that are executed when a vote is recieved.
    # 3. Add signs with the first line "PartyVote" to make partyvote signs to display how many votes until a PartyVote. Do not add that many signs, it could cause slight lag.
    # 4. Ensure everything is working correctly, and you are now all setup.

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  1. Metasux
    Version: 1.8
    It's alright, but I would love it if wasn't written in Skript and there was an option to set chances what people get outta the dropparty.