Passky 1.3

Fastest login plugin in the universe ;)

  1. Passky 1.1

    Added almost all features requested by ㊛ ɥñķñ¤Ψñ ㊔

    <---> Command + Alias = Permission <--->

    /login, /log, /l = register.login
    /register, /reg, /r = register.register
    /changepassword, /changepass, /cp = register.changepass

    <---> Messages <--->

    If not registered (Can't be used while logged/registered) (Spamming every 5 seconds when connected):
    "Please register using: /register <pass> <pass>"

    If registered (Can't be used while logged/not registered) (Spamming every 5 seconds when connected):
    "Please login using: /login <pass>"

    If want to change password:
    "To change your password you have to use: /cp <password> <newPassword>"

    When you register:
    "Your password isn't the same!"
    "Your password doesn't meet the minimum requirements!"
    "Successfuly registered. Auto logging-in!"

    When you login:
    "Your password is incorect!"
    "Successfuly logged-in!"

    When you change password:
    "Your password is incorect!"
    "Your new password doesn't meet the minimum requirements!"
    "Successfuly changed password. Auto logging-in!"

    <---> Restrictions <--->

    No permission to use any commands except /login, /register.
    Inventory is cleared and locked if not registered/logged.
    Can't take damage by anything except lava (fire), drowning, falling (fall damage), effects (poison etc) or suffocating.
    No permission to place/break blocks.
    No permission to drop/pick-up items.
    No permission to open tab.
    No permission to move.
    No permission to chat.

    <---> Other <--->

    Get kicked after 30 seconds of inactivity or 5 failures while trying to register/login.
    Password must be at least 4 (numbers/latters etc) and not more than 32 (numbers/latters etc).
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