Paster 1.2-RELEASE

Paste your logfile simply to pastebin!

  1. mr_splash
    Paster by mr_splash
    Hey there! I created an plugin which allows you to paste your latest log to pastebin.

    ► Commands:
    - /paste | Paste the latest.log to pastebin | Permission: paster.paste
    - /paste listlogs | Show all files in your log folder​
    - /paste <Logname> | Paste choosen log | Example: /paste 2015-08-04.log.gz
    - /paste help | Commandhelp

    - An account

    Code (Text):

    developer_key: enter here  #Enter here the developer key from (You have to be logged in)
    ►Good to know
    - Without an PRO account you only can send 25 pastes every 24 hours
    More informations here


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  1. Reupload
  2. Functionupdate!

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    Version: 1.1-RELEASE
    Nice plugin!