Pause Chat 1.3-4

Pause the chat by using one single command.

  1. ApplePie
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    A very simple Bukkit/Spigot plugin to pause the chat.

    Latest available version: 1.3-4

    Upon using the command to pause the chat, only players with the correct permission OR/AND people who are operators(OP) will be able to talk in chat.

    - /pausechat (Use the command to disable AND enable the chat. - Does not work through the console)

    - SS.Talk (Gives permission to use /pausechat)

    - SS.Chat (Use this to allow players to talk while the chat is paused, WITHOUT giving them permission to use /pausechat)

    Please report ANY bugs you find, and feel free to suggest new features!

    Use code "ApplePie" for 15% off.

Recent Updates

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  2. Config improvement

Recent Reviews

  1. Escyth
    Version: 1.3-4
    Such a Developer! Such a Plugin! You really deserve that 5 star rating.
    I wish you good luck always in your plugins and thanks.