PaymentLogger for Spigot 1.8.4+ 2.0

Log the BuyCraft transactions of your players and manage them with this plugin!

  1. SkyHuk
    Hi I'm SkyHuk and I would like to present to you a lightweight plugin to manage BuyCraft transactions from players of your server. Players ingame with suiting permissions can later check transactions of players and view them or delete them.

    How does that look like?

    And if you click on the transaction, it gives you the option to delete it out of the logging system. That looks like this:


    Setting it up in your BuyCraft
    When you already have setted up a few packages on Buycraft you might know that Buycraft lets the console execute commands on package purchases. Add following command to the commands that will be executed on purchase:

    logpayment {name} {transaction} {price} {currency} {time} {date} {ip} {packageId} Name_of_package_with_underscores

    Ingame usage
    When you are ingame and have the needed permissions which are listed below, you can access the list of transactions of an online player by using the command " /checkpayment <name>"

    Permission notes
    To check transactions, the permission " logpayment.checkpayment " will be needed.
    To delete transactions, the permission " logpayment.deletepayment " will be needed.

    Additional Information
    I would love to hear feedback from you guys about the plugin! I will also try to expand its features in the future so stay tuned!

    Peace out, SkyHuk

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  1. 1.9.x Update

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  1. Hoppys
    Version: 1.0
    I use it for a OP Prison server and this is a really cool idea! it's really useful aswell great job! :D